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Kelly’s Choice Transformation Program

Are you struggling to lose weight? Is nutrition confusing? Our 12-week program is the perfect way to stay dedicated and help you achieve your nutrition goals.

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Kelly’s Choice Transformation Program

Are you struggling to lose weight? Is nutrition confusing? Our 12-week program is the perfect way to stay dedicated and help you achieve your nutrition goals.

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What Our Clients Say

"I never have to diet again! Never expected to lose weight but I have. And I know why. Taking these classes and losing weight. It was a shot in the dark. I liked the way each week was broken down into an individual category. The weekly challenges made it easy to stay with the program."

- Ann Humenuk, Inficon

"My wife and I have been working with Kelly directly for just a few weeks, yet our journey has already been transformative!  After 60 years on this earth, you would think that I’ve learned all that I need to know to eat healthfully.  But I have been astounded at the knowledge I have gained on the simple act of eating smart.  Kelly’s knowledge and ability to convey her insights is truly world-class.  She doesn’t ascribe to fad diets nor trendy manufactured ‘Franken-Foods”.  She teaches us how to eat healthfully, thoughtfully, and explains how these foods have positive impact on the human body.  We now know better how our bodies need nutrition, in what proportions, and in what combinations.


Kelly has much to offer the American food consumer.  The American diet is anything but optimal, and after working with Kelly, it is no surprise that we are surrounded by so much obesity and chronic illness.  Yet much of this can be reversed!  Kelly’s message and knowledge is not only desperately needed for today’s dietary crisis in our country, but is also timely regardless of what age you might be.  Our bodies have already reacted positively to her suggestions.  Every recommendation she has offered has been easy to incorporate and her plan just makes sense.  Sure, I will lose weight due to this new knowledge, but I am also increasing my odds at living a longer, more healthy life.  My body is now getting more of what it needs to function properly and repair itself."

- Kenneth Walseben

"Working with a nutritionist from Kelly's Choice helped me along my quest to improve my overall health!  I now make more informed decisions with regard to eating and would recommend it to everyone!"

- Cynthia Jackson

"Since about 2005, I have had gastrointestinal problems on and off.  In 2015 I was diagnosed with celiac disease.  Since staying gluten-free was not helping, I went to a gastroenterologist, was tested, and after a while my symptoms abated.  Unfortunately, that was not long-lasting.  So finally, last year, I figured I would try one last time. I ended up being diagnosed with SIBO and microscopic colitis, in addition to celiac disease.  After several attempts with pharmaceuticals, I was given the opportunity to enroll at Kelly's Choice, to see Jen Kraft, and get dietary advice.
When I first entered the program, I was a bit skeptical.   I had been reading about diet and illnesses for many years, and was pretty familiar with the initial information discussed.  But I soon discovered that knowing the "facts" was just a small part of the program.
I actually have been learning a great deal that I had not known before.  There is a planned curriculum which can be followed with multiple individual lessons and worksheets and helpful information, all which can be tailored to meet the needs of individual clients. They can be sent to you for reviewing and in my case, to remind me of things I have forgotten.  But more important than that is the encouragement I have received from Jen, and the validation I have received about the difficulties I have had involving my several autoimmune diseases.

Jen is a very kind, interesting and amusing person and a great listener. She is an exceptionally experienced professional who has worked for many years in healthcare. She draws from her considerable knowledge to advise me each week. She investigates anything that she is concerned about related to my progress.
I sometimes have setbacks, but she evaluates the situation and we work together to find the path forward.  Her encouragement is extremely helpful in this process. Jen is a great source of new ideas and reinterpreting those ideas with respect to my individual problems.  I feel that my opinions and choices are respected. We work as a partnership and Jen is similar to a life coach. Because of my various diseases, I had been chronically underweight and had no real way of gaining it back.  With Jen's help, I have gone from 98 pounds to 107 pounds so far.  I also have more energy, and there are signs that my gi tract is healing. 
I am 76 years old and it is the first time since I became ill that I feel that I will reach my goal of being healthy again.  I am so thankful that my gastroenterologist recommended that I work with Kelly's Choice.  I am so thankful that I am able to work with Jen Kraftt from Kelly's Choice to achieve my goals."

- Sandy Clift

"I am a teacher who came to Kelly to lose weight. Little did I know that not only would I lose weight but working with Kelly healed my anxiety. I was riddled with anxiety before working with her and after just a few months I was able to get off my anti-anxiety prescription meds!"

- Ally

"Finding Kelly's Choice, and specifically my nutritionist Erin, has been a godsend. I had the good fortune of discovering Kelly's Choice when I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and was in the midst of a flare that had plagued me for months. I was losing weight rapidly (which was not a good thing for my usual 115 pound frame) and I was lost on what to eat given my diagnosis, my flare and some food intolerances. I was becoming afraid of food. Kelly paired me up with Erin and it was a match made in heaven. Erin could personally relate to some of my current challenges which made me immediately trust her and her recommendations felt safe for me. She goes above and beyond by researching different things and sharing her research with me.


I am happy to report that I am up to 103 pounds (at my lowest point I was down to 96 lbs.), I feel better with each passing day and I no longer look at food as the enemy. I know how to introduce foods cautiously and know how to recognize when something isn't agreeing with me. I am fortunate that Kelly's Choice participates with my insurance but even if they didn't, it would be worth the out of pocket cost."

- Erika Gallucci


Frequently Asked Questions

Do your weight loss programs accommodate the needs of vegan, slow-carb, Paleo and other types of diets?

Yes, our programs include tweaks to accommodate the requirements for many different types of diet plans.

I’ve had great success on the Keto diet but have plateaued. Will your team provide recommendations that are keto-friendly?

While Kelly’s Choice doesn’t promote one particular diet, we can provide recommendations that are keto-friendly, and if that doesn’t help produce results, we can tweak the recommendations in such a way that will produce results.

I am motivated to make health changes, but just can’t seem to make time for another appointment! How flexible are Kelly’s Choice dietitians’ hours?

We offer very flexible hours through our virtual nutrition counseling.

Check it out here!

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