Nutrition programs that help real people eat real food and get real results.


  • Your athletic performance decreases.
  • Your organization’s healthcare costs spiral out of control.
  • You can’t lose weight.
  • You might even pack on a few more pounds.
  • You lack energy.
  • Your productivity drops.
  • You worry about managing your diabetes symptoms or heart condition.
  • Your students can’t focus due to a poor diet.
  • You worry about your chronic condition getting worse.

We make it simple for your to succeed.


Nutrition for transformation.

Whether you’re individual looking to lose weight or manage a chronic disease, an athlete that needs to step up performance, an organization that must implement a workplace wellness program to lower healthcare costs, an educator that wants to help students become healthier, or a physician looking for assistance with their patient’s nutrition, Kelly’s Choice has proven programs for you.

Kelly’s Choice is a collective of registered dietitians, nutritionists and educators dedicated to improving our communities by transforming diets. We offer customized nutrition coaching programs for schools, workplaces, medical facilities, athletes and anyone who wants better health, performance and happiness.

We strongly believe that a person who adjusts their diet to “real” food will live a healthier life – and we have the research to back up that belief. Kelly’s Choice nutrition plans make ample use of real, unprocessed foods and seek to supply vitamins and nutrients from the foods we eat.

Our approach to nutrition goes beyond simply formulating menus. We know that to be successful, each individual must embrace the benefits of a nutritious diet. Our nutrition coaches address areas like:

  • How our recommended diet adjustments are unique to your physical condition.
  • What are reasonable expectations from a change in diet.
  • Lifestyle changes that can accelerate – or slow – the benefits of a better diet.
  • How to incorporate better nutrition into your lifestyle and make better food choices in the future.

Our holistic approach is the key element of our successful track record in nutrition coaching.

Kelly’s Choice, LLC, is the brainchild of Kelly Springer, who created the company in 2012 as a way to bring her knowledge of nutrition and health to a wider audience. She found a great need in the market and her innovative programs have been featured in TV, radio and magazine articles as well as online forums.

Kelly has assembled a group of like-minded, highly professional nutrition experts to join her team and make Kelly’s Choice available to an ever-widening audience of individuals, companies, schools and medical centers.


I give Kelly accolades for supporting me, guiding me and being my biggest cheerleader. She is a positive influence and she truly cares for her clients. I would have never gotten as far as I have with my progress if not for Kelly.

Michelle A. Barber
Assistant Vice President, Five Star Bank

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