Hear stories from people who’ve been through our programs and got great results, and see the businesses, schools and athletic organizations we’ve worked with.

“I’ve learned more from Kelly Springer than I EVER could from my doctor. I have lost 50 pounds and my BG levels are consistently under 120 and even under 100 at times!”

Michelle A. Barber
Assistant Vice President, Five Star Bank

Maureen Robinson

“I have lost a total of 15 lbs so far.  I also have more energy to do things I love to do with my family.”

Ada Merlini

“Talking to you was fun, energetic, positive and doable: your confidence became ours and in a few months, with your constant reference and advice, I was able to shed more than seventy pounds and regain my former size eight which I am easily maintaining today, three years later!”

Joe Battisto

“I’ve felt so much better this year than for the past few years, more energy, focus, and definitely happier.”

“Kelly’s unique ability is helping people understand nutrition; and that eating healthy is easy, affordable and fun….”

Cindy Debbold
Retired Manager/Knowledge Based Selling
Wegmans Food Markets

Nicole Young

“She worked tirelessly to drive her peers to our booth, she came to the booth regularly, stayed a while talking with peers and us.  She was both lively and passionate about our brand”

Kristi Tarantelli

“We decided to provide our staff with a virtual cooking class in May in order to try to keep our wellness program as ‘normal’ as possible during quarantine. We weren’t sure what to expect with a virtual cooking class but it was a hit! The presenter, Kayla, was amazing. She was very bubbly and interactive with our team.”

Laura J. Cordts

“Employees appreciated getting accurate, upbeat nutrition information in “small bites” which they could watch at their convenience, and which did not take much time out of their very busy workday.”

Joel Glimpse

Eric Prager

Amy Dickman

“Kelly’s Choice is a great company to work with! They are extremely knowledgeable, creative and make each workshop fun and interactive. Kelly Springer is amazing and always takes time to help our organization. I highly recommend Kelly’s Choice!!!”

Amy Dickman
Cayuga County Health Network

Jen Liddy

“Kelly Springer works with our fitness clients in both workshop & one-on-one formats, and she is both knowledgable and approachable. We love that her paradigm is “eat real food” and she tailors what she presents to each client’s preferences and needs.

She is realistic, positive, and incredibly informative. Our clients feel safe with her, and we know that there is no hype, trends, or fads presented to them that might undermine their goals. We greatly respect the high level of excellence and professionalism that she brings to everything she does.”

Jen Liddy
Method 360

Stephen Malbouf

“I had a tasting for the new taco meal. I had a great response from the captain and the officers. The captain even liked the Greek yogurt.” 

Stephen Malbouf
Madison County Jail

Workplace Wellness