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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What program and services our offered?
    Our programs range from a self guided 12 week series for weight loss to 1:1 counseling sessions to sports nutrition and working with athletes to joining your workplace to promote health and productivity. We can do it all! Read about our programs and services in more detail here!
  • How can I attend my appointment? Is Zoom still an option?
    You can attend your appointment in person at our Skaneateles or Syracuse office or over Zoom! We aim to accommodate your schedule and lifestyle.
  • How long has Kelly's Choice been in practice?
    Founded in 2012 by our fearless leader Kelly Springer, our company’s mission is to empower individuals to invest in themselves and their overall wellness in pursuit of living their best lives. The Kelly’s Choice team of registered dietitians provides individuals and organizations with the tools they need to reframe the way they view wellness, regardless of schedule or location.
  • How do I find the right dietitian for me and my needs?
    Check out our team and read up on each of our registered dietitians and their specialties to find the most accommodating RDN to best help you!
  • What is Kelly's Choice Nutrition?
    Kelly's Choice Nutrition is programs and services that help real people eat real food and achieve real results. Our dietitians and team work directly with you and your needs, taking an individualized approach to your nutrition and health through our counseling and education services.
  • I am very healthy, but I am struggling to get my kids to eat healthier, have you had success changing kids’ eating habits?
    Kelly’s Choice has had much success in getting kids to eat healthier. We advise parents and their kids to become teammates in improving kids’ eating habits, as you are your children's primary role model for healthy food habits. Much of the time, it involves educating the whole family about healthier alternatives to the kids’ favorite foods—from picky toddlers to junk-food-addicted teenagers!
  • I have type 2 diabetes. Can you help me to improve my diagnosis?
    Yes, we can help to manage your diagnosis through recommendations that will lower or control your blood sugar and help with any necessary weight loss, which can be a correlated issue for some. We have seen reversed type 2 diabetes for many of our clients!
  • I have been trying the Keto diet and have had great success but have plateaued. Would your team be able to give me recommendations that are keto-friendly?
    While Kelly’s Choice doesn’t promote one particular diet, we can provide recommendations that are keto-friendly and if that doesn’t help produce results, we can tweak the recommendations in such a way that will produce the results you are looking for if you are open to that.
  • I do not need to lose weight, I just want to develop a healthier lifestyle. Can Kelly’s Choice help me get there?
    Kelly’s Choice is all about lifestyle change. Improving health is about creating realistic habits that can last a lifetime. So, of course we can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle!
  • I have numerous food allergies, but need to gain weight. Would your team be up to the challenge of working with me to help me to gain weight with such restrictions?
    Food allergies are more common today than ever before. As a result, we have worked with a lot of people like you. And of course, yes, we can help you gain weight. There are many allergen-free foods that we can recommend to get you on a healthy track!
  • How long after bariatric surgery can I do the back-on-track program?
    We generally recommend the back-on-track program for those who have had bariatric surgery at least three months prior, although we accept anyone who has a doctor’s permission to go through this program.
  • Do your weight loss programs accommodate the needs of vegan, slow-carb, Paleo and other types of diets?
    Yes, our programs include tweaks to accommodate the requirements for many different types of diet plans.
  • I am a vegan. My doctor is concerned about my B12 levels and my iron levels. Would Kelly’s Choice be able to give me advice that could raise these levels while staying a vegan?
    We have had several vegan clients over the years. And one of our areas of focus is always making sure our food recommendations meet the specific needs of vegans, including, getting enough protein and healthy fat and consuming foods that have B12 and iron. We can also recommend supplements if your levels aren’t improving.
  • Heart disease and cancer run in my family. Would the Kelly’s Choice be able to aid me in developing healthy eating habits that can prevent me from developing either condition?
    Our approach to nutrition, in this case, would feature anti-inflammatory foods, which can help to prevent all chronic conditions and diseases. So the answer to your question is, absolutely!
  • I am motivated to make health changes, but just can’t seem to make time for another appointment! How flexible are Kelly’s Choice dietitians’ hours?
    We offer very flexible hours through our virtual nutrition counseling. Check it out here!
  • What are the age groups you work with for nutrition education?
    We can work with kids from preschool through high school and have has success with all age groups.
  • Do you involve parents in school-based nutrition education?
    We can involve parents if the school or community-based program would like us to. Either way, we make sure the kids have handouts that they can show their parents so that parents are educated on the nutrition topics we teach.
  • Do the school-based nutrition education programs involve cooking or fitness activities?
    Our school-based nutrition education programs are very hands-on so they involve cooking, fun games and activities, as well as exercise basics!
  • I have just started running and have been told I have natural talent, but my diet is horrible... could Kelly’s Choice help me to become an even better runner with dietary recommendations?
    You are not alone with your concern. We can help you transition your over time and we assure you that you will be amazed at how healthy eating translates into faster running!
  • I coach girls high-school track and I am concerned about eating disorders. Would Kelly’s Choice be able to educate the girls on the dangers of eating disorders?
    We can definitely educate on the dangers of eating disorders and explain to the girls how eating disorders can actually hinder their athletic performance.
  • My collegiate football players are eating everything in sight to increase muscle mass. Would Kelly’s Choice be able to give them food recommendations that are healthy and not as bland as baked chicken breast?
    It’s great that you acknowledge the importance of using healthy food to build muscle mass. We can recommend tasty healthy food recommendations and also educate your players about nutrient timing, explaining how when they eat is as important as what they eat
  • Can Kelly’s Choice give advice on how weekend warriors can improve their performance?
    At Kelly’s Choice, we understand that people’s busy lifestyles often mean that weekends are the only times for long and intense workouts. We can give you easy-to-follow nutrition plans throughout the week to prepare you for those hard weekend workouts, which in turn help you to recover and helps prevent injuries.
  • I coach soccer to youth ages 5-7? Are you able to give their parents sports nutrition advice?
    Yes, we are! We give kid-friendly recommendations on fueling and recovering from sports workouts.
  • Some of my employees want to know how to eat better and lose weight. What information can I share with them about weight loss through the Workplace Wellness Program?
    The weight loss will vary based on your employees’ activity levels, however the eating habits they learn will stick with them. This ensures that they will not only lose weight, but keep the weight off after the 12 weeks, so long as they maintain the healthy habits they learn!
  • My employees work during three different shifts times, but I want to offer every group access to this program. Is that possible?
    We recommend employers whose employees work a variety of shifts to use our online platform, Healthie!
  • What can my employees expect to learn through the Workplace Wellness Program?
    Your employees will learn easy, practical steps needed to develop healthy eating habits, implement exercise into their daily life, improve sleep, and help prevent chronic health ailments.
  • How much weight can my employees expect to lose through workplace weight-loss?
    The weight loss will vary based on your employees’ activity levels, but the eating habits they learn will stick with them. This ensures that they will not only lose weight, but also will keep the weight off after the 12 weeks—so long as they maintain the healthy habits they learn.
  • I have several employees who have anxiety, depression, or other mental health complications. Would Kelly’s Choice be able to do a seminar related to nutrition for mental health?
    While we recommend employees with mental health conditions to seek counseling or therapy from an outside medical doctor, we have found that some of our education topics have been particularly helpful at reducing stress, improving mood, and easing anxiety, including: Food is Medicine, Diet for Brain Health, and Nutrition & Stress.
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