10 hacks for a healthy Thanksgiving

10 hacks for a healthy Thanksgiving

November 16, 2016

Thanksgiving is just over a week away! Are you prepared to resist temptation and refuse to overindulge? I think I am. I know it can be hard, but here are some tricks to make your Thanksgiving healthy, yet still incredibly satisfying.

  1. Don’t skip meals! I have worked with a lot of people who skip meals leading up to Thanksgiving to “save room” for a big meal they know that they have coming up. Thanksgiving is one of those meals. Let me tell you straight out—skipping meals backfires every time. When you get overly hungry, you will definitely overeat.
  2. Eat a big, hearty breakfast. Plan to eat a hearty breakfast on Thanksgiving. A wholesome breakfast, like my delicious overnight oats will keep you satisfied and will help prevent you from overeating at your Turkey Day feast.
  3. Stay hydrated. Sometimes when we are thirsty, our brain tells us we are hungry. Don’t confuse your brain; drink water throughout the day. Limit alcohol and choose water for your drink-of-choice during the feast as well!
  4. Move, move, move! Several areas host Turkey Trots and other organized races on Thanksgiving Day. Sign up for one and you will burn some calories! Make it a family affair!
  5. Try mashed cauliflower. Mashed potatoes are loaded with simple carbs (and often heavy cream, butter, and other forms of saturated fat). Try mashed cauliflower; season it with a little lemon pepper and wow, is it delicious!
  6. Don’t sweeten the sweet potatoes Sweet potatoes are a better choice than the white ones in terms of nutrition value; just please, don’t add brown sugar or marshmallows or anything else, they’re sweet enough on their own!
  7. Watch the butter! Did you know that one tablespoon of butter has over a hundred calories? You would have to walk for almost a half an hour to burn that off. So, go easy on the butter!
  8. Eat the white meat and avoid the skin.
  9. Make sure there are some steamed green veggies! Steamed green veggies are so delicious with minimal seasoning. They are filled with fiber and help you feel satisfied.
  10. Focus on the people! Thanksgiving is about family and friends. Talk and laugh and talk and laugh; this is the type of nourishment we all need!

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