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A Healthy Life is All About Balance

It’s no secret that creating a healthy lifestyle is the new big thing these days. Improving your physical and mental health is what everyone is talking about. Going for walks, hitting the gym, eating a nutrient-dense diet, meditating, yoga, green juices; the list goes on. But what exactly does a healthy lifestyle mean? To me, a healthy lifestyle is one that involves balance.

It’s great to want to start new healthy habits to look and feel your best, but it’s important to ensure that what you are doing is enjoyable for you. Sometimes social media can make it seem like we aren’t doing enough. Just because you see other people waking up early, working out, meditating, and journaling every day doesn’t mean that you have to do all of that too. It may look aesthetic on the outside, but everyone is different. We don’t all have time to create 15 healthy habits and follow them to a T every day. We have jobs, social lives, and other obligations and that’s okay.

In my opinion, a healthy lifestyle can look different for everyone. Maybe you love routine and you thrive off of 5 am morning routines, maybe you are just getting started and you want to take it slow, or maybe you just want to drink more water. We are all on different paths in our journey. Find a couple of things that will benefit your health, but remember to allow yourself to enjoy the “not-so-healthy” things too. Enjoy dessert, sleep in, and have a fun night out. You’re not living if you are restricting yourself to only doing things that are claimed to be “good” for you. Life is all about balance, and that is determined by what feels best to you.


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