Almondmilk rocks beyond the glass

Almondmilk rocks beyond the glass

October 19, 2017

I love almondmilk—it has a nutty sweetness that satisfies my palate and makes me happy because it is low in calories and high in calcium. It is one of my favorite nutritious, guilt-free indulgences!

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze is my go-to almondmilk brand—I use it in everything but have found that most people don’t know how many uses it has! To showcase the versatility of almondmilk, Blue Diamond Almond Breeze developed the Homegrown Goodness Tour, a multi-city tour which visits food events around the country and recreates famous local dishes using almondmilk. More than a dozen recipes were specifically created to encourage consumers to cook with almondmilk in unexpectedly delicious ways – from Key Lime Pie to Tomato Polenta Bites to Chicken Sliders – each having a unique Almond Breeze take on iconic dishes inspired by their respective hometowns.

This weekend Almond Breeze attended New York City’s Wine & Food Festival and demoed two New York inspired recipes, giving consumers a tasty balance of savory and sweet with Tomato Arancini and New York Cheesecake – both made with an Almond Breeze almondmilk twist.

Those who visited Almond Breeze’s beautiful almond orchard kitchen at the New York City Wine and Food Festival experienced a hands-on cooking demo with a phenomenal west coast food expert, Patty Mastracco, who shared the many ways you can easily integrate almondmilk into your everyday cooking.

For example, at breakfast, you can go far beyond smoothies and use Blue Diamond Almond Breeze to make fluffy, delicious waffles or chia seed pudding. For lunch, you can use almondmilk to thicken any dressing or sauce and for dinner, you can add Almond Breeze to your chili or tomato bisque soup for a hearty masterpiece to impress your family and guests!

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