Back to School Blog # 3: Sleep supports Success

Back to School Blog # 3: Sleep supports Success

August 26, 2018

My girls are headed back to school and that means things will be getting a little bit more organized around here. Back to school means back to routines. Gone are the days of staying up past midnight and sleeping until noon! During the school week, I make sure my girls are in bed by a decent hour so that they can get a good night of sleep and be ready to take on the school day.

Sleep is so important especially for kids as this is a critical time for their development. Endless studies have shown the benefits of a good night’s sleep including improving cognitive function, memory, and increasing energy levels.

To make sure your kids are getting all of these benefits, first things first, make sure your kids are getting into bed so that they can get at least  nine hours of sleep. To help them keep up with this, stay on them each night about getting in bed at the same time. Get them in a routine.

It’s best to stop using electronic devices at least one hour before bedtime. My kids are so connected all the time but when bedtime rolls around, their phones go off. There’s been a number of studies done to show the negative effects looking at your phone before bed can have on your sleep. Looking at an illuminated screen actually excites your mind and wakes you up rather than helping put it at ease. If you have little ones, I recommend reading a book or two with them before bed. If they’re a bit older, encourage them to read books on their own before bed!

One last tip I have is to get your kids moving during the day. Studies have shown that regular exercise can help regulate sleep patterns and make for a better night’s sleep. Instead of letting them lounge on the couch on the iPad or watching tv when they get home from school, encourage them to go and play outside in the nice weather while we still have it!

I hope these sleep tips help you to get your kids (and maybe you) a better night of sleep as we jump back into the school year!

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