Bond as a Family over a Meal, Here’s Why

Bond as a Family over a Meal, Here’s Why

October 12, 2018

Fall is an extremely busy season for me!! If you’re like me and seem like you’re always on the go, meal time is a good time to catch up on that much needed family time. October is Eat Better, Eat Together month so I’m going to be sharing some tips with you about how to do just that with your own families!

When you can do so, make an event of the meal time. Don’t just make dinner yourself, have your kids help you! If they’re too little to handle any cooking on their own, let them add ingredients to your meal or have them set the table. Just get them involved and you’ll have some nice bonding time and the kids will feel great that they helped!

And dinner doesn’t need to be complicated. Serve a platter of healthy and easy appetizers like romaine lettuce and deli-meat fold-ups with pickled veggies. Celebrate Taco Tuesday or Meatless Monday as a family. Choose recipes as a family to try!

Turn off the televisions and put the phones in another room. We’re so connected all the time that we forget to appreciate what and who we have right in front of us. Have conversations without the media in your face. Ask your kids what they’re learning in school, what the best part of their day was, how they made someone happy, anything to get a conversation going to create that family bond.

And did you know that children reap many scientifically-proven benefits? Here are just a few:

  • Children who have family meals make better food choices for life.
  • Eating as a family leads to better grades.
  • Children who have family meals are less likely to be overweight or obese.
  • There is a correlation between having family meals and overall life-satisfaction/happiness.

Don’t let the fall busyness with work, sports, school, etc. take away from valuable family time. Commit to certain meals each week that you will always share with your loved ones around the dining room table.

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