October 31, 2020

You’re constantly hearing in the media (and from me too) that a plant-based diet is your best bet for weight loss and helping to reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer! Not to mention that plant-based diets are beneficial to your immune system, which we all need to be mindful of now with the coronavirus pandemic.

Most of my clients have upped their game with plant-based eating by adding more veggies and fruits to their meals, choosing nuts and seeds as a snack as opposed to candy and chips, but I like to give them more innovative challenges! And my latest is to try plant-based yogurt! “What?” you may be thinking. Yes, it is a thing and there are many varieties of plant-based yogurt on the market.

I will make your choice easier by sharing with you my #1 pick for a plant-based yogurt! It’s Hälsa all the way! Hälsa means health in Swedish and this product is health in a container. This creamy, unbelievably delicious oat-milk yogurt is made with organic whole grain oats and organic fruits and berries. It’s the absolute cleanest plant-based yogurt on the planet.

I am a lover of yogurt because I am a lover of probiotics, which keep our gut healthy. Did you know that your gut is your largest organ and that 80 percent of our immunity is created in our digestive system? A healthy gut is the key to protecting your immune system!

I love Hälsa because not only is it a yogurt, but it is totally plant-based and free of dairy, which makes it a great choice for my clients who are lactose-intolerant. Like traditional dairy-based yogurt, Hälsa’s plant-based yogurt also has gut-healthy probiotics because the oats are fermented, which creates the probiotics. Not only does Hälsa have probiotics, but also, it has prebiotics. Of all the other plant-based (dairy-free) yogurts, Hälsa is the only that uses whole grain oats and is therefore also prebiotic, because oat fiber is prebiotic. Consider prebiotics to be like a fertilizer that helps probiotics grow.

Hälsa has succeeded in something no other oat yogurt has—it has a 100-percent clean and organic process and recipe. Many plant-based yogurts contain artificial thickeners and emulsifiers, such as food gums (gellan, xanthan, guar, locust bean gum), pectin, and industrial phosphates that are foreign to our bodies and compromise gut health.

Check out this excellent article about how to build immunity on the Hälsa website.

Hälsa is so careful in making this delicious oat-milk yogurt—they don’t use a single artificial ingredient or chemical during their production. And the flavors are so delicious from the unique mango-pear and concord grape to the mango, strawberry and blueberry! And I use the plain in so many recipes!

Hälsa is the only USDA certified-organic oat-based yogurt on the market. It is free of any additives—each variety has only five ingredients. There is no added sugar, just naturally-occurring sugars from fruits and berries! You simply can’t beat Hälsa! Try it—you’ll thank me!

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