Celebrating Women’s History Month at Kelly’s Choice

Celebrating Women’s History Month at Kelly’s Choice

March 1, 2020

March is an exciting month for me—it’s National Nutrition Month and the month when spring starts, motivating my clients to get back on track with their health. But there is another celebration in March that I find myself reflecting on…it’s Women’s History Month. This concept of celebrating women is important to me. It’s hard to believe that even 15 years ago, it was a rarity for a woman to own her own business. Women entrepreneurship has increased by over 30 percent since 2007. That is so awesome!

While Women’s History Month focuses a lot on female empowerment, I take a slightly different approach. I celebrate women helping women. I started Kelly’s Choice, a nutrition education business, in 2012. My business is thriving with a team of several committed and intelligent female dietitians. I also have an amazing female support staff, including a detail-oriented operations manager, a talented writer, a savvy social media expert, and I have a super helpful personal assistant. We all help each other out. Teamwork among women is key.

There were several women in my life who helped me have the confidence to tale the leap of faith to become an entrepreneur.

Several female bosses I had believed in me and that helped me get to where I am big-time.

First and foremost, Cindy Debold, a colleague from Wegmans, got me started. She was a manager in the stores and we worked in the corporate office together. She was an amazing mentor. In fact, she was the driving force for me to start Kelly’s Choice and was a huge support!

Ellen Quest at Auburn Hospital was an incredible mentor. Kathy Scholl at Cornell Cooperative was very helpful, providing me with constructive criticism. which helped me grow as a leader in the nutrition field.

To be honest, my first female role model in the field of nutrition was actually my Aunt Melissa. She is an RD. I babysat her kids and was able to witness how a woman could be successful in her career and be an active mom.

Today, I show my two daughters that success is possible, that work-life balance is doable no matter how busy my work schedule can get. And you know what? These girls believe in themselves. They have a lot of male entrepreneurs in their family and I love that I show them that women can do it too!

I think there is a definite shift in the world with more female leaders entering all fields. My girls are 12 and 14 and already deeply believe that “Girls can do anything,” that it is possible for them to accomplish their dreams no matter how big they are.

So, to all women out there, lift each other up! It will get you where you want to go, I promise! Believe!

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