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College Athletes! Go Try EO3!

As a former collegiate student-athlete, I wish I had EO3 throughout my athletic career! Student-athletes have hectic schedules from sunrise to sunset and it can be extremely difficult to provide your body with what it needs after intense workouts. And by not properly fueling your body, over time can affect not only your athletic performance but your performance in the classroom. EO3 is a ready-to-drink berry smoothie that can easily be thrown into a bookbag and drank on the walk from the weight room or practice to class.

It has been stated that “the most popular time to ingest protein is arguably post-resistance exercise when signaling proteins responsive to muscle contraction are activated and the muscle is essentially primed to synthesize new proteins,” (Joanisse, 2021). This time is crucial for building muscle and growing strength. In one carton of EO3, there are 20 grams of protein, which is essential for muscle growth and repair. It even contains collagen that makes our muscles, connective tissues, hair, and skin healthy. To me, this is a way better option than running out of my way to the cafeteria to quickly drink a glass of chocolate milk that only has 7 grams of protein!

Our body uses carbohydrates as its primary source of fuel, and athletes need to replenish their stores after strenuous workouts or games. With 25 grams in only one carton, it makes doing so super simple. Some people after a workout or game cannot tolerate a whole meal which isn’t beneficial. This allows them to get the fuel they NEED without any discomfort.

Athletes use much more calories than regular people, which means that they need to consume more calories than what may typically be thought! Depending on the athlete, they could potentially need around 4000 calories a day! That can be extremely difficult, especially when trying to balance being a full-time student. Just one carton has 252 calories that can be used alone or as the base of a nutrient-calorie-dense smoothie that can help the athlete reach their goals!


Joanisse, Sophie, et al. “Understanding the Effects of Nutrition and Post-Exercise Nutrition on Skeletal Muscle Protein Turnover: Insights from Stable Isotope Studies.” Clinical Nutrition Open Science, vol. 36, 2 Mar. 2021, pp. 56–77.,

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