Healthy red and green food choices for Christmas

Healthy red and green food choices for Christmas

December 17, 2016

The cookies are still out to get you, aren’t they? Let’s get festive without kissing our health goals goodbye! I am reflecting on my favorite red and green fruits and veggies and why I love them. Let me share them with you.

The Radical Reds

Red foods are loaded with quercetin, a powerful anti-inflammatory flavonoid. Sinus infection? Turn to these red foods to fight the inflammation! So, let’s take a closer look at some of my favorite reds:

A red onion adds amazing flavor to salads. I love it in my tuna too. And want to try something really tasty? Sautee sliced red onions in a teaspoon of olive oil; it caramelizes and tastes as sweet as any Christmas cookie, I promise. So delicious on top of a bed of green salad! Red onions also contain sulphur compounds, which gives it a further boost in its anti-inflammatory powers!

Did you know that you can fulfill your daily vitamin C requirements with just five California strawberries? Gobble them up. The fiber will do you wonders too. They’re so magnificently sweet—yummmmmy!

Raspberries are my absolute favorite. They are loaded with antioxidants; scientists now know that metabolism in our fat cells can be increased by phytonutrients found in raspberries, especially rheosmin (also called raspberry ketone). I love adding them to my yogurt or oatmeal every morning.

The Glorious Greens

We all know that green veggies are excellent for your health. Leafy greens especially are filled to the brim with antioxidants. Some of my favorite greens are leafy and some are not. I love all green veggies, but here are my top three.

Brussels sprouts fall in the cruciferous category, making them great protectors of cancer. Loaded with fiber, I love them! So many clients of mine won’t give them a chance. If you have decided you don’t like them, roast them with a little bit of olive oil and sea salt and I promise you will change your mind.

Peas are so versatile. They’re one of the ways that I get veggies in my girls’ meals when I’m in a jam. Add them to rice, soups, on salads and you get an awesome dosage of fiber and protein too!

Last but not least, yup, it’s true, I’m a pushover for Seaweed. Serve gimMe’s health food seaweed snacks at your next party and people will neglect the chip bowl in favor of the seaweed. The crunchy nori will satisfy that salty craving that makes you reach for greasy potato chips.

Truthfully, seaweed is becoming more sought-after than kale! It’s not just for sushi anymore. Foodies and restaurateurs have discovered phenomenal ways that seaweed can add flavor to anything from soups to meat and even dessert! The fact that seaweed is jam-packed with nutrients (iodine, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron to name a few) makes choosing seaweed as a food to learn to love, a no-brainer!

Get in a red and green frame of mind with these healthy food picks and you’ll breeze through Christmas without gaining a pound!

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