How to curb your sweet tooth from now through the holidays

How to curb your sweet tooth from now through the holidays

October 16, 2016

Halloween is just a couple of weeks away. Such a weary time for the health conscious! The office candy bowl is always filled with little “pick-me-ups” calling out your name. How do you curb your sweet tooth to resist the temptation of the ubiquitous candy? I have a few suggestions for you:

  • Eat a filling breakfast with complex carbs.

Don’t skip breakfast. You are doomed if you do. Breakfast sets the stage for the entire day! And did I say carbs? Why yes I did. A good complex carb (like oats) will fill you and stabilize your blood sugar so that a.) You won’t resort to candy to cure that “hungry” feeling and b.)Your sugar cravings won’t be so high. Click here to try my yummy overnight oats recipes.

  • Make sure your lunch has a good protein and fat source.

Do you often feel ravenous around 2-3:00 PM in the afternoon? This is the mid-afternoon slump and I find this to be common with many of my working clients. Why is that? Because either they skip lunch or they eat a lunch that lacks protein and healthy fats. So if you think you are doing a good thing by eating a salad for lunch, you may be wrong. Make sure your salad has protein and fat. For a double whammy food choice that has both healthy fats and protein, add some tuna, salmon, or walnuts. Add some chickpeas, kidney beans, or grilled chicken to your salad for protein. And an olive-oil based dressing will give you some fat as well. The added protein and fat will keep you satisfied throughout the afternoon, helping you to defeat the allure of the candy bowl!

  • Try incorporating some healthy seasonal sweets derived from the earth!

There is no better time than now to have an apple for a snack! Curious which apple you’d like best? Read my blog about the wide variety of apples that I love. Roast some butternut squash and sprinkle some cinnamon on it; add a handful of dried cranberries to it…such a delicious snack. Bake a sweet potato and eat ½ as a snack! Again, so yummy. Though winter squashes and sweet potatoes aren’t traditionally viewed as snacks—change your thinking because they actually make awesome snacks. And these truly natural sweets will help you to resist candy, I promise you.

I hope these recommendations help you from now through the holidays…because the sweets are out to get you from Halloween through the end of the year, sad, but true! You can beat the battle; I know it!

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