Jarlsberg® Cheeseburgers for foodies Contest

Jarlsberg® Cheeseburgers for foodies Contest

September 23, 2019

You’re probably thinking why on earth would I be recommending cheeseburgers? Let me tell you why—I discovered some delicious cheeseburgers through Jarlsberg® Cheese’s Global Burger Awareness campaign. These recipes were created by internationally-acclaimed chef Elizabeth Haigh who is considered one of the brightest shining stars on the London culinary scene, and Celebrity American Chef and book author George Duran.

Some of their cheeseburgers are already healthy (and there are even a few vegetarian options) and others can be made healthy by using either ground turkey or 95-percent lean ground beef. The highlight of all these burgers of course is the cheese– Jarlsberg® has an amazing nutty, mellow and sweet flavor.

Listen up because there is a contest going on for fans of Jarlsberg® and I’m super excited about it.

Fans will get the chance to enter to win exclusive Jarlsberg® Apron and Tongs; the grand prize is a Gourmet Grill, so that winners can re-create their favorite Jarlsberg® burgers.

Enter the contest by September 31 by clicking here.


Fans can triple their chance to win by sharing their Jarlsberg burger at #Jarlsbergburger on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

You can take whatever spin on the recipes created too…the only requirement is that you use Jarlsberg® Cheese

Elizabeth Haigh’s burgers include The Northern Temptation, Nutty Mushroom Melt, The Orient Cheese Excess and the Korean Hot Bite.

The Northern Temptation burger uses reindeer meat, which can be found at exotic meat markets. It is a very lean meat.

The Nutty Mushroom Melt is very healthy as the burger is a compilation of mushrooms, walnuts, and rice.

The Orient Cheese Excess is made with minced beef—to make it healthier you can use minced turkey.

The Korean Hot Bite is made with seitan steaks of you can use portobello mushrooms.

George Duran also made four burger recipes in 2018, each with an essential story: The Marvelous Meltdown (Jarlsberg® Fondue Burger), Melted Maui Madness (Pineapple Bun Jarlsberg® Burger), The Viva La Quinoa (Quinoa and Red Lentil with Jarlsberg®), and The Brooklyn Bacon Bonanza (Bacon Burger Stuffed with Jarlsberg®). Each of these four burgers have their own story and their own film.

Click here to see the delicious recipes and choose one that is suited for you.

Good Luck! I hope so Kelly’s Choice followers win!



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