Mottos for women

Mottos for women

May 2, 2016

Women’s Health Month is here and I will be blogging about women’s health tips and concerns throughout the entire month! Let’s start with a self-esteem booster. Why is it that women, ladies and young girls, are constantly in the public’s eye to look perfect? However, what most women do not realize is that they are absolutely beautiful just the way they are. Listen up all women and girls, we need to open our eyes and keep our heads held up. Would you like a little guide to feel better about yourself? You’ve come to the right place.

Rule #1: Numbers don’t define you- Any number that’s in your life doesn’t matter. Your pants size, weight, body fat percentage, bra size, age, the amount of weight on the barbell, or the pounds lost doesn’t determine your self-worth and how you feel about yourself because they are in fact, just numbers.

Rule #2: Being positive is key. Say no to negative thoughts- By doing so , you will highlight and enhance your unique individualized strengths and you will neutralize your weaknesses. The fact is, nobody is perfect, but everyone is perfect in their own way. You, yourself possess characteristics, abilities, talents, desires and goals that are wonderfully just for you. Instead of focusing on the “flaws” you possess, why not enhance the things you should and do love about yourself? Cancel out these negative thoughts with more positive ones.

Rule #3: Eat healthy to become a better version of yourself- By eating plenty of fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean protein, you will be on the road to feeling fabulous, but DO NOT feel guilty when you treat yourself with your favorite snacks. You are allowed to live your life and indulge every now and then. Nutrition should be a stress-free topic and should benefit your life.

Rule #4: Health and fitness is supposed to decrease your stress, make your life better and most importantly, make you feel good about yourself- Your life shouldn’t be revolved around fitness to the point that it becomes an obsession. Once it has reached that point, feelings of guilt come into play when you take a day off. Once you complete a successful workout, you should feel confident and hold you head up high. This health and fitness should bring your self-esteem to its all-time high.

Rule #5: Practice self-compassion daily- Do you realize beating yourself up day after day for the silly, simple mistakes you make is counterproductive? If you didn’t, well now you know. Trying new things and taking chances is a part of life. We are all going to mess up and how you react to those little mistakes is how you’re going to feel about yourself. You aren’t perfect; nobody is perfect. Love the person you are every day.

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