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Never Going Back to Omega 3 Fish Oil Pills

I joined the Kelly’s Choice team in September 2021 as a dietetic intern. I was recommended to take Omega 3 fish oil supplements with meals. These pills were a struggle to swallow every single time with the size of the actual pill, the taste of them, and the smell. On top of this, I was struggling with horrible acid reflux, an ongoing problem throughout the day. This made it even harder to take these because I would get that fishy aftertaste. So, I stopped taking the fish oil supplements because I could not function as a normal human being while, quite literally, losing my lunch over that taste. THEN I heard about this smoothie from Kelly and thus began my very close relationship with taking my Omega 3s on time, with no issue. No more fishy taste. No more gross burping. EO3 was the solution to my problem.

As a regular consumer…

As a person who has studied nutrition for years, I can admit also I am a regular person. Many people believe that those who have a master’s degree in nutrition science are always eating clean, having fruits at every meal, and only consuming lettuce. I can assure you that is not the case and I look forward to all my meals and snacks. I do eat a balance with a variety of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and grains. Unfortunately, this doesn’t give me enough Omega 3s. I do eat sometimes eat and follow the Mediterranean style diet but that is just because my family enjoys this cuisine. However, it is very little. I discovered that even with this occasional dietary pattern, I was still not getting enough omegas into my diet. So what did I do?

As an informed consumer and soon-to-be Registered Dietitian Nutritionist...

I got my hands on an EO3 about a year ago and have made it part of my weekly routine. I usually have avocado toast for breakfast or an omelet when I have the time to cook for myself. On the days when I am lazy or do not have the time, I grab an EO3 and make a quick and delicious smoothie. This is a no-nonsense drink that I really do stand behind because it has no added sugars or preservatives. It is rich in polyphenols, electrolytes, and vitamins D and E; literally packed with high-quality nutrients and minerals. If I am making a recommendation to a patient, the product needs to be legitimate and tasty. The EO3 smoothie is the first of its kind! This Omega 3 fruit smoothie is packed with 1600 mg of Omega 3 s AND 20 g of complete protein. I have made a lot of recommendations in terms of recovery drinks, supplements, and overall meal boosters for patients. But THIS! This is one exceptional product. It’s time the world begins to recognize there are other ways to get your Omega 3s in and you do not have to struggle, gag over, and get acid reflux all day from it. So as a regular person, a regular consumer, and a regular nutritional professional – I would recommend this to everyone!


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