Push-up your life

Push-up your life

March 13, 2016

Pushups. Quick, what’s the first thing you think of when hear the word pushups? Your mind probably wanders off to some scary memories of being forced into doing them in gym class. Don’t  worry; it is completely okay to admit that you laid on the floor when the gym teacher turned their back. We were all there at one time in our lives, no need to be embarrassed. You’re probably a little curious as to why I’m stirring up memories from gym class. Well, your gym teacher wasn’t completely crazy.

Pushups actually make for a great full-body workout.You know that familiar burn you feel when you lower your body down to the floor? That’s created by the use of multiple muscles. Pushups are one of the only simple workouts that targets all of these muscles. You feel the burn in your biceps, core muscles, triceps, anterior deltoids, and your lower body muscle groups. All of these groups are activated to stabilize your body during the up and down movements. Targeting all of these muscles makes pushups known as a compound exercise. Doing pushups also stretches your muscles. When you lower your body down to the floor, your back muscles are stretched and when you push yourself back up, your biceps are stretched. This improves your flexibility, helps prevent injuries, and gives you the toned appearance you desire.

Pushups also enhance your cardiovascular system because you heart has to work harder to pump blood to all of the muscles being used. In doing this, you support your heart and work on reducing your stored fat.

Did you know that pushups can protect your from obtaining shoulder injuries? I know nobody wants to talk about getting old, but it’s inevitable. As you age, a common injury rotator cuff damage Doing pushups regularly is one of the most effective waysto protect and prevent your shoulder joint from injury. In today’s society, everyone has their nose stuck in a tablet or on their cellphone. With the advances in technology comes bad posture. Pushups are known to improve your posture. In order to have proper posture, your core muscles need to be strong and stabilized to support vertical positions. When pushups are properly executed, your core muscles are strengthened and fine-tuned, increasing your posture in the long run because your body will want to be more in line.

So the next time someone mentions doing pushups, take a moment and remember all of the benefits it has for you before you roll your eyes and pass!

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