Spring into health with raw veggies

Spring into health with raw veggies

April 13, 2017

With welcoming warm weather, it’s the perfect time to try adding more raw foods into our diets. Raw foods include foods with no application of heat of any kind. That means no cooking, grilling, or steaming the foods.

Adding more raw foods into your diet is quite simple actually. A gradual change toward more raw food in one’s diet is better for people who are used to consuming most of their meals cooked.

Raw food advocates believe that because raw food maintains all its enzymes, it is easier to digest and it is more nutritious than cooked veggies.

I believe veggies are great for you whether cooked or raw, but I do find that as winter turns to spring, I do get more of a spring in step when I add more raw foods to my diet.

Always consider how you can add vegetables to what you are preparing. Instead of cooking vegetables out of habit, find out if there’s another way of preparing them. For example:

  • Marinate kale, broccoli, mushrooms, or other veggies that are typically cooked to give them a soft, tender texture.
  • Another texture I love is that of shredded carrots, beets or zucchini added to my salads.
  • Raw corn, scraped off the cob, makes a tasty salad that goes well with tomatoes, fresh herbs, peppers, or zucchini.
  • To make a raw tomato sauce, simply blend ripe summer tomatoes with fresh herbs and a touch of garlic or onion.

Also, try giving juicing a go! No juicer? No problem! One of my favorite juices only requires a blender. Blend half an avocado, a cup of spinach, a half-cup of pineapple and ice for a delicious green juice!

How are you adding more raw veggies to your diet? Let me know in the comments below!

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