Study finds the outdoors boosts health

Study finds the outdoors boosts health

June 28, 2019

As a nutrition educator, most of my blogs obviously focus on nutrition tips, recipes, and ideas about how to get your health on track through the mode of nutrition. Occasionally, I write about fitness trends because that is an essential component of health too. But what about nature?

I love being active in the great outdoors every single season whether it’s hiking, swimming, cycling, running, or skiing. It’s a great way to bond with the family as well.

Turns out my inclination to be active outdoors is a health booster beyond the exercise and relationship-nurturing!

A recent study conducted in England and published in the journal Scientific Reports found that among people who had spent little or no time in parks, beaches or woods in the past seven days, close to half reported low levels of life satisfaction and one in four said they were in poor health. Among people who had spent at least two hours in the natural world, only one in three said they felt dissatisfied, while just one in seven reported poor health.

This study draws upon interviews of 20,000 people! The cool thing about the study is that it found that it didn’t matter whether the two hours in the natural world was spent in one sitting or 10-20 minutes here and there throughout the week.

So, get out there and get a dose of nature for your health! Walk the dog! Garden! Hike! Or even relax at the beach, on your deck, or a pool! You’ll be glad you did!

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