Summer travel food essentials

Summer travel food essentials

July 30, 2016

How many road trips have you been on so far this summer? And how many of those trips involved low-quality food consumption? You very well may not have craved those types of foods (you know: fast-food burgers, candy bars, greasy potato chips, gas station pizza), but you didn’t have much choice in the matter. Believe me, I have been there. This summer, I made sure to not let that happen.

When my family travels, we make certain to have plenty of healthy snacks on hand; here are some of my favorites.

Instead of sugary sports drinks…

Hydration is key when traveling. Your best bet is a lot of pure water. But it can get expensive buying bottle of water after bottle of water. I recommend the Grayl water bottle! These nifty little water bottles purify in filter water super quickly!

Electrolytes are important too of course! I love Motive Pure. Motive Pure minis are these little bottles of electrolyte concentrate that you mix with water; they are sweetened with stevia and calorie-free. How awesome is that?! And they come in five great flavors; my favorites are berry and pink lemonade. You can even bring these with you on an airplane; each bottle is only an ounce. You can save a lot on Motive Pure purchases by signing up for their subscription plan. Have Motive Pure shipped right to your door and save 20 percent!

Instead of greasy potato chips…

One of my latest obsessions is Beanitos. No NOT Doritos…Beanitos! Beanitos are bean-based chips that are packed with protein, fiber, and are always free of gluten and corn. If you like your chips plain, you’d love their Original Black Bean or Simply Pinto Bean varieties. If you are a tortilla chip lover, you’d love the Beanitos alternative—Hint of Lime or Restaurant Style. If you are more of an adventurous chip consumer, you would love the Beanitos flavors that hit the market earlier this year, including: Mac-n-Cheese Crunch and Garden Fresh Salsa. The best “dipping” Beanitos chip also hit the market earlier this year—Skinny Dippers.

Instead of candy, Oreos, or any other high-fat cookies,,,

Who can resist a sweet treat every now and then? I know I can’t. So many of the packaged cookies on the market are loaded with way too many chemicals and sugar so I tend to avoid them. There are some good brands out there though. My sweet craving go-to is Enjoy Life cookies. Their wholesome cookies are so tasty and are made with allergen-free ingredients like rice flour, buckwheat and millet. You have GOT to try their Crunchy Chocolate Chip Mini cookies; they are so, so good and they come in individually-packed portion bags to help you avoid overindulging.

There is still over a month of summer, so if more travel is in your plans, consider these great, healthy, convenient snacks I mentioned. They’re great for business trips too!

“Food “for your Skin/Instead of conventional sunscreen…

And hey, let’s talk about a non-food essential item too! Sunscreen. Do you know that a lot of commercial sunscreens contain harmful parabens and other toxins? Whatever you put on your skin is as important as what you eat because you absorb what you put on your skin and it enters your bloodstream. So, please try to avoid toxic sunscreens. I highly recommend Suntegrity sunscreens! They’re free of harmful chemicals, super protective and safe for all ages… babies to centenarians.

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