B vitamins

Healthy Habit 2020: More whole grains, less processed food

You’ve all heard moms and experts say, “Eat your vegetables.” I wholeheartedly agree with them, but you’ll also hear me say, “Did you have your whole grains today?” Sadly, so many people answer this question with a gigantic “NO!” Some people have banned grains from their lives, and some just feel like they don’t have [...]
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Let’s celebrate National Popcorn Day

It’s going to be a frigid weekend and what better way to spend it than having a family movie night at home with plenty of popcorn! That’s right, I said Popcorn! And the timing couldn’t be more perfect! Tomorrow, January 19 is National Popcorn Day. Popcorn is a snack that I am a huge proponent […]

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Why I consider chicken a super food

Did you know that September is National Chicken Month? It’s definitely a food choice to celebrate! Chicken is truly amazing. It’s a great source of protein. It’s low calorie. It’s versatile and I personally consider it an ultimate super food! You probably already know how important protein is to a diet. But why is that […]

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Easing menopause with nutrition

Our last blog was about easing PMS symptoms. Many women would be thrilled to say goodbye to PMS as they start going through perimenopause and then menopause; however, they are then likely to become negatively impacted by any of the following menopause symptoms (many which are similar to PMS symptoms): night sweats, moodiness, vaginal dryness, [...]
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