Back-to-School Blog: Getting Creative with Trail Mixes

Looking for a healthy snack for your child in this busy back-to-school season. Trail mixes are your answer. Below are some great mixes that your child will love. Simply choose the recipe you think your kiddos will like best. Fill up a gallon-size Ziploc bag with the ingredients and shake. You can then divvy up [...]
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Back to School Blog # 3: Sleep supports Success

My girls are headed back to school and that means things will be getting a little bit more organized around here. Back to school means back to routines. Gone are the days of staying up past midnight and sleeping until noon! During the school week, I make sure my girls are in bed by a [...]
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Back to School Blog #1: Packing Healthy School Lunches even for Picky Eaters

Do you believe school starts in just over a few weeks?  I’ve had so much fun with my girls this summer and I’m always a little sad to send them back to school come September. But each year it gets a little easier seeing them grow and turn into little ladies! One thing I’ve been […]

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Making meals easy when school starts back up

Isn’t it hard to believe that school is starting back up in a few short weeks? As soon as my girls return to school every September, it seems like my schedule gets crazy. Mornings are hectic, which makes it difficult for me to prepare my girls their favorite power smoothies. Evenings come quick and it [...]
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