Chèvre-Stuffed Dates

Ingredients: 15  pitted dates sliced in half length-wise 4 ounces plain chevre goat cheese 1/4 cup slivered almonds Directions: Spread goat cheese into the crevice of each slice of date. Top with slivered almonds. Yes, it’s that easy! Enjoy!
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Healthy Rice Crispy Treats?

Yes! You read that title right. In my last blog entry, I wrote about how healthy dates are.  And this week in my kitchen I was experimenting and found a way to use them to make healthy rice crispy treats! These tasty little treats are free of refined sugar (yep, no marshmallows-dates instead!).and they’re loaded […]

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Why I’m Bananas over Dates

Yes, dating your loved one is healthy for your health, but I am talking about the wrinkly little dried fruit that is oh so sweet! We’re right smack in the middle of the holiday season and this is the time of year that people are hooked on sugar and it’s so hard to get off […]

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