healthy eating

10 self-care tips for moms

Happy Mother’s Day! For those of you that know my daily schedule, you are aware that it is jam packed…my morning begins helping my girls prepare for their school day and then I work out and then it’s usually a mix of private practice clients, teaching seminars, meetings, conference calls, and more. I always make […]

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Win a Copy of The Healthy Meal Prep Cookbook

Toby Amidor is an extraordinary dietitian; she has been featured on Dr. Oz and has been quoted by dozens of health, fitness, and nutrition magazines, including: Oxygen Magazine, Dr. Oz The Good Life,, Reader’s Digest,, Women’s Health, Redbook, Men’s Journal, Huffington Post, Everyday Health, and more. I am so excited about her brand […]

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Eat right to sleep tight

It’s almost midnight and you are wired; like most nights, you just can’t seem to settle down. What can you do nutritionally to help get some much-needed shut-eye? First things first, avoid caffeine after noon. Your good friend Joe can impede sleep for several hours after consuming it. Don’t forget that chocolate, soda, and several [...]
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