Simple Solutions for your Morning Workout Recovery

I know, I know. Your workouts are crammed into your already hectic life. You have finally mastered the art of getting to bed early so that you can rise with the sun and squeeze in your daily workout. But once you finish, you don’t have time to prepare an elaborate breakfast; you have to shower, […]

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Sports-Mom summer essentials

It’s HOT and your kids have sports games and matches that are INTENSE! How do you keep them safe in this heat and make sure they have enough energy to perform their best? Fear not, it’s quite simple once you get into the habit of prioritizing nutrition. Steer clear of the nutrition bars and sports [...]
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Nutrient timing: The key to an effective workout

Your busy day at work warranted no time for an afternoon snack before the gym. Midway through your cycling workout, you bonk. You have no energy to continue. Or, you have to rush to an appointment after a workout session. There is not a minute available to down a post-workout shake. For the rest of [...]
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