saturated fat

Healthy Habit for 2020: Less Saturated Fat and Trans-Fat

I get concerned when clients tell me about trying out the latest fad diet. A lot of the fad diets today, like Keto or Paleo focus on high proteins and low carbs. Unfortunately, with high protein often comes fat. Some fats are good—I’ll talk about those in my next blog. In this entry I’m talking [...]
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Weighing in on Weight-Loss: Healthy Fats

I have a lot of clients who are on a weight-loss journey and so many of them have a “fat” phobia. They think if they eat fat, they will get fat, but that is not the case my friends when it comes to healthy fats. Let me clear up the conclusion. Why You Need Fat: […]

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Settle your Milk Confusion

There are so many different types of milk on the supermarket shelves; it’s confusing as to which one you should drink, right? You may like a certain type in your coffee, but a different type on your cereal. Some may not settle right in your stomach; some may settle just fine. I will review the […]

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Top five nutrition tips for men’s hearts

As part of Men’s Health Month, I’ll be writing several blogs related to men’s health. Earlier this week, I wrote about prostate health. This entry gets to the heart of the matter when it comes to men’s health; after all, heart-disease is the top killer of men! Men, of all ages, please take your heart [...]
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Let’s Talk About Fat

Fat is often deemed the enemy; people fear that the fat they consume will end up on their midsection.  However, the truth is that not all fats are bad. In fact, we all need fat for survival; it is essential for brain, nerve, and skin cells to function properly and grow. Did you know that [...]
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