stress reduction

Stress-free while stuck at home

The COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything most of us have ever experienced in our lifetime. Information and mandates related to the pandemic saturate our news and fear and stress seep deeper into peoples’ psyches. When will this all be over? Will I get sick? What if my aging parents become ill? Will my children have [...]
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Celebrate National Take a Hike Day with me

Take a hike. No really, do it! Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States once said, “Of all exercises walking is the best.” If the President of the United States said it, it must be true! (Take that with a grain of salt). It’s National Take a Hike Day so I’m telling you […]

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Five ways to keep your heart healthy

It’s February—National Heart Health Month. I talk about heart health a lot. It’s a huge deal—heart disease is the number one cause of death for men and women! I am going to do something a little bit different in this blog! I usually talk about heart-healthy foods. In this entry, I am going to discuss […]

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Top five nutrition tips for men’s hearts

As part of Men’s Health Month, I’ll be writing several blogs related to men’s health. Earlier this week, I wrote about prostate health. This entry gets to the heart of the matter when it comes to men’s health; after all, heart-disease is the top killer of men! Men, of all ages, please take your heart [...]
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