The easiest herbs and veggies to grow

The easiest herbs and veggies to grow

April 8, 2019

Though I do not start my garden at my Central New York home until the end of May (due to frost concerns), April is considered National Gardening Month. And for those of you who live in colder climates like me, it’s a good time to start thinking about what you may want in your garden.

Initially, gardening intimidated me—what if my veggies don’t grow? What if critters eat my plants? What if I fail? I’m no Green Thumb, but I have found the easiest fruits and veggies to grow and have a few tips to keep critters away too.

My # 1 secret is that I buy seedlings instead of growing from seeds. It’s a major time saver!

And here are the top 5 plants I have had the most luck with!

  • Tomatoes

If you have a sunny area to grow tomatoes, you’re in for some delicious fruit. Try getting a variety of tomato seedlings including heirlooms and make sure you have supports for them too. I always end up with more tomatoes than I know what to do with just from a few seedlings. Is canning my next hobby? Hmmm…

  • Basil

Basil grows so fast and it is such a flavorful herb. Guess what? It’s a natural pest deterrent too so I grow it in between all my plants.

  • Radishes

This is one vegetable that I do plant with seeds! Plant the seeds in moist soil and keep the soil moist every day and you’ll have radishes ready to harvest in 4 weeks! I usually plant radishes three or four times a summer!

  • Cucumbers

Pick up some supports and let your cucumbers climb. They do well in sunlight just like tomatoes!

  • Salad Greens

If you don’t have any sunny spots in your yard, don’t fret. Salad greens grow well Lettuce, sorrel and spinach all grow well in sun or shade. When you see leaves sprout, you can simply snip them, and the greens will keep on growing all summer long!

Give these veggies and basil a go and I promise you that you will have some fresh produce to enjoy throughout the summer. If pests are sneaking in your garden, add some hot sauce to a spray bottle of water and mist your plants with them regularly! Works like a charm!

Happy gardening season to all!

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