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The Easy On-The-Go Meal Replacement

EO3, in my opinion, is the perfect on-the-go meal replacement! Containing only 252 calories and 20 grams of protein per drink, EO3 is a great meal replacement when you are busy, but still want to consume something healthy and full of nutrients. Packed with vitamins and minerals, high antioxidants, fruit concentrate, omega-3s, and collagen, EO3 is a nutritional power pack that is worth your while. Oftentimes, when we are busy running out the door in the morning, we skip breakfast which can leave us feeling sluggish throughout the day. Skipping breakfast can also lead to unhealthy cravings and snacking later in the day. EO3 is the perfect solution to this as you can literally grab it when you are running out the door, in-between meetings at work, or just too busy to make yourself something to eat. EO3 can help you stay on track and make sure you never miss a meal or the chance to get your nutrients in.


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