Top five healthy stocking stuffers

Top five healthy stocking stuffers

December 1, 2016

Looking for some fun yet healthy stocking stuffers to make your loved ones happy this Christmas? Have I got some great ideas for you! Here are some of my absolute favorite gifts that spark smiles among old and young!

  • Fruit of course! Pears, apples, or oranges are great stocking stuffers (and they take up ample space too)!
  • Stress balls (you know those squishy, rubbery things that you squeeze)? They are phenomenal and inexpensive items that almost everyone I know could use…some more often than others!
  • Spiral Slicer Okay so this one is more for adults than kiddos, but this is a way to substitute veggies for pasta! How fun (and healthy) is that?
  • Go nuts! You can’t go wrong with shelled nuts and a nut cracker! Nuts are filled to the brim with healthy fats, protein, and fiber, not to mention a plethora of essential minerals. Think the stocking receiver won’t like putting work into cracking the nuts? Try one of my favorite nut-based treats instead—Setton Farms Pistachio Chewy bites. They are oh-so-good and satisfying for those with a sweet tooth too! They are a protein and antioxidant packed snack that is a combo of pistachios and cranberries with a hint of sea salt!
  • Journal Again, more adult-based but good for teens or tweens, especially if they are involved with sports. I recommend using a journal to track your food and exercise too. Make sure to include vitamins and meds you may take and how much water you consume. This is a great way to keep track of your health. If you have chronic pain, fatigue, digestive problems or stress. Track episodes in your journal too and you may see a pattern of how food choices relate to those ailments.

Happy Holidays to all! I hope it’s a great (and healthy) season for you and yours!

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