Why white flour zaps your energy and makes you feel like crud

Why white flour zaps your energy and makes you feel like crud

March 23, 2017

I hope you are all enjoying the No White Flour Challenge. Are you feeling more energized? I hope so!

Reflecting on my impetus to do this challenge, I realized that I never really revealed at length exactly why white flour is so evil, Let me explain…

What Is white flour?

White flour is wheat flour that has been stripped of its two healthiest components (the bran and the germ). The bran is where the fiber is so when you take that away, you have no way to feel satiated. B vitamins are lost in the manufacturing process of creating white flour so sometimes fortified vitamins are added (this is often the case with cereal) and sometimes they are not.

The harm caused by white flour

Do you notice that it is way easier to over consume bread, crackers, are cookies than it is to consume something like brown rice, quinoa, or another whole grain? That is because refined white flour requires little chewing. So the over consumption is a part of the problem.

And the more white flour you eat, the more insulin your pancreas has to release to manage the glucose from the white-flour products. It stores as fat (especially around your waistline); it slows your metabolism; it can lead to migraines and headaches, brain fog, and an overall sluggish feeling. Long-term, it can lead to Type-2 Diabetes, heart disease, and a plethora of  inflammation-provoking ailments.

Do you have to avoid white flour all the time?

No, actually you do not, but a challenge to avoid it for a certain of period of time (in my case—five weeks) is a wonderful thing to do. Consider it like a white-flour sabbatical. When you go without it, you’re retraining your brain to crave healthy choices.

When you do decide to have, say a slice of pizza or a cookie, or anything made with white flour after the challenge, chew it slowly and savor it so you don’t over consume it. You may even notice that you won’t even want the whole thing.

Keep up the great work and stay tuned for some recipes on my next few blogs during this challenge.

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