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12-Week Intensive

Are you struggling to lose weight? Is nutrition confusing? Our 12-week program is the perfect way to stay dedicated and help you achieve your nutrition goals.

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What Our Clients Say


I never have to diet again! Never expected to lose weight but I have. And I know why. Taking these classes and losing weight. It was a shot in the dark. I liked the way each week was broken down into an individual category. The weekly challenges made it easy to stay with the program.

- Ann Humenuk, Inficon


Frequently Asked Questions

Do your weight loss programs accommodate the needs of vegan, slow-carb, Paleo and other types of diets?

Yes, our programs include tweaks to accommodate the requirements for many different types of diet plans.

I’ve had great success on the Keto diet but have plateaued. Will your team provide recommendations that are keto-friendly?

While Kelly’s Choice doesn’t promote one particular diet, we can provide recommendations that are keto-friendly, and if that doesn’t help produce results, we can tweak the recommendations in such a way that will produce results.

I am motivated to make health changes, but just can’t seem to make time for another appointment! How flexible are Kelly’s Choice dietitians’ hours?

We offer very flexible hours through our virtual nutrition counseling.

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