Help Your Patients Manage Disease, Lose Weight, And Change – For Good.

Physician Approved

Physician approved

Manage chronic disease

Lose weight

Lasting results


  • Following complex nutrition programs?
  • Getting motivated to do another “diet” that doesn’t get results?
  • Losing weight?
  • Keeping the pounds off?
  • Nutrition programs that don’t lead to lasting change?
  • Post-bariatric surgery problems?
  • Cardiovascular, diabetes or other chronic disease?


patients helped

diseases reversed

pounds lost

You’ve made a real, radical difference in my life. If you remember, through my hysterectomy, ovaries removal, highest dosage of estrogens, severe allergic reactions to unknown agents followed by highest and longest dosages of cortisone related prescriptions … slowly my body had gone from my lifetime size 8 to size 16 (while I was not over-eating) causing my self esteem to deteriorate and my physical body to start accusing serious health problems. It was then that my new primary physician, Dr. Vounas, (Internal Medical Center, Auburn) gave me the best advise I could hope for: to come to you.

My husband accompanied me to my first appointment with you and we were immediately embraced by your warmth, kindness, and know-how: you carefully listened to both of us, reviewed all my medical records, asked us incredibly wise specific questions on everything related both to our life styles and family habits while explaining scientifically and psychologically what every step meant.

Talking to you was fun, energetic, positive and doable: your confidence became ours and in a few months, with your constant reference and advice, I was able to shed more than seventy pounds and regain my former size eight which I am easily maintaining today, three years later!

I am seventy years old and, thanks to your precious expertise, feeling younger than ever! One year ago I had to go through a major surgery and you were there with me to monitor my diet before the procedure and on my way to recovery, always lovingly and in the most positive and effective way. I always recommend you to everybody who is struggling in good faith with weight/health related problems. Thank you Kelly again and again from the bottom of my heart!

Ada Merlini


Real for for real people, easy-to-follow programs, lasting change.

Medical nutrition counseling

Nutrition assessments

Nutrition screenings

Nutrition counseling

Coordinating with physician/office staff to improve care and outcomes

Evidenced-based nutrition education

Patient-centered care

The information on calories, label reading, appropriate sleep and balance in nutrition have been invaluable for me, to have valid information that is based on real life is important. I felt confident after putting the information into practice on a weekly or daily basis. I learned that protein and vegetables are the fundamentals of improved nutrition, energy and mood. I learned 1200-1500 calories are a recipe for a healthy target of daily nutrition. With this information, I was able to lose 8 pounds in 3 months. That also gave me confidence in what I learned. There is no way for me to thank you enough for my improved mood, weight, energy, and knowledge.

Flora Gagliostro

Physicians' Offices

  • Medical nutrition therapy and counseling for patients with a variety of disease states.
  • Group classes on diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and weight management.

Healthcare Facilities

  • Nutrition assessments, screenings and counseling for outpatient clinics, home health agencies and hospitals.
  • Nutrition therapy for a variety of disease states, including diabetes and other chronic conditions.

Bariatric Programs

  • Assist patients with counseling and support after weight-loss surgery to ensure long-term success.
  • Bariatric Nutrition Health Plan includes preoperative nutrition assessments and counseling, post-op nutritional counseling and “Back on Track” programs, bariatric cooking demos and grocery tours, support-group facilitation, and more.


Currently, Kelly’s Choice is an approved provider for nutritional counseling with United Healthcare’s Empire Plan. More plans will be added in the coming months.

I personally enjoyed the lesson on the breakdown of different fats. Our kiddos really seemed to enjoy the presentations + retained a lot of the information presented.

Ashley Cobb
Mexico, NY Schools


Are the programs easy to understand?

Our programs are easy to use, and provide step-by-step instructions that guarantee success.

Do you offer meal plans that accommodate a restricted diets?

Absolutely! No matter what restrictions your patient requires, our programs ensure that participants are meeting optimal nutritional requirements while eating real food for real people.

How much weight loss can my patients expect?

It depends on how diligently the patient follows the plan and how often she exercises. The more lifestyle changes patients can make, however, the more lasting their weight loss will be.

Do you have proven plans for people with heart disease?

Yes. We can provide patients with a list of foods to avoid and foods to consume that comply with heart disease-friendly guidelines.

If I have patients preparing for surgery, can you provide pre- and post-survey foods they should eat?

Yes. Our registered dieticians can create customized programs for any of your patients’ needs.

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions, such as soy-free, allergies, dairy and gluten sensitivities, vegan/vegetarian, etc.?

Yes! Our registered dieticians can create customized programs for any of your patients’ needs.

How long after bariatric surgery can my patients participate in your programs?

3 months, or whenever you, the physician, clears the patient to participate.