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Physician Approved

Physician approved

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  • Do you struggle to properly time meals and snacks?
  • Do you wonder what types of protein you should be eating?
  • What about hydration? Do you drink enough? Too little?
  • Do you worry about enhancing performance if you’re vegan or vegetarian?
  • Are you confused about the requirements for female athletes?
  • Do you need to increase energy, improve strength or drive endurance?

I’ve been an athlete all my life. In recent years, I’ve been looking for a way to get more out of myself. I wanted to take my performance to the next level.

The nutrition advice and guidance I got from Kelly has transformed the way I fuel my body and I’m seeing myself improve in ways I never thought possible. I’m training harder and recovering more quickly.

Jack Newton
Long-distance runner


Field Hockey
Field Hockey
Weight Lifters
Female Athletes


Get to the top of their game

Know exactly what steps to follow

Increase energy

Improve strength

Enhance recovery

Drive endurance

As an Exercise Physiologists it is essential to have resources in the community that you are confident in their recommendations.   I have used Kelly Springer for referrals related to health issues, weight management, vegan diets, electrolyte supplementation, and athletes seeking to gain weight.  A few things I respect about Kelly, she has connected with every referral, they were pleased with her advice and she isn’t promoting the newest fad program on the market.  Her advice makes sense and her knowledge of products on the market is more vast than my knowledge, so I walk away learning something as well.


Webinar or Onsite Sports Nutrition Presentations

  • A Registered Dietitian will come to your school or location and lead fun, interactive presentations.
  • Topics include: Your Diet Needs a Game Plan Too; Meal and Snack Timing; Hydration for Peak Performance; The Traveling Athlete; The Power of Protein; The Female Athlete; and more.
  • Cost: $600 Per Presentation


Athlete Visit With Registered Dietitian – Onsite or Virtual

  • A Registered Dietitian will meet onsite one-on-one with interested athletes for private nutrition counseling. Virtual Registered Dietitian visits are conducted on the Healthie video app, which is HIPAA-compliant.
  • Cost: $150 Per Athlete

Kelly Springer works with our fitness clients in both workshop & one-on-one formats, and she is both knowledgeable and approachable. We love that her paradigm is “eat real food” and she tailors what she presents to each client’s preferences and needs.

She is realistic, positive, and incredibly informative. Our clients feel safe with her, and we know that there is no hype, trends, or fads presented to them that might undermine their goals. We greatly respect the high level of excellence and professionalism that she brings to everything she does.”

Jen Liddy
Method 360


I coach soccer to youth ages 5-7? Are you able to give their parents sports nutrition advice?

Yes, we are! We give kid-friendly recommendations on fueling and recovering from sports workouts.

I coach girls high-school track and I am concerned about eating disorders. Would Kelly’s Choice be able to educate the girls on the dangers of eating disorders?

We can definitely educate on the dangers of eating disorders and explain how eating disorders can actually hinder performance.

Can Kelly’s Choice give advice on how weekend warriors can improve their performance?

At Kelly’s Choice, we understand that people’s busy lifestyles often mean that weekends are the only times for long and intense workouts. We can give you easy-to-follow nutrition plans throughout the week to prepare you for those hard weekend workouts, which in turn help you to recover and helps prevent injuries.

I have just started running and have been told I have natural talent. I eat horribly. Could Kelly’s Choice help me to become an even better runner with dietary recommendations?

Our programs can help you transition your over time and you’ll be amazed at how healthy eating translates into faster running!

My collegiate football players are eating everything in sight to increase muscle mass. Would Kelly’s Choice be able to give them food recommendations that are healthy and not as bland as baked chicken breast?

It’s great that you acknowledge the importance of using healthy food to build muscle mass. We can recommend tasty healthy food recommendations and also educate your players about nutrient timing, explaining how when they eat is as important as what they eat.

My employees work during three different shifts. I want to offer every group the Workplace Wellness program. Is that possible?

We recommend our online platform, Healthie, for employees who work a variety of shifts. It’s available from anywhere, anytime.