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Sweet Aya Tiger Nuts

"Tiger nuts have fewer calories and less fat than your average tree nut. Better yet, these nuts have 3 times the amount of fiber than your average tree nuts. It's no wonder I'm going nuts over Sweet Aya Tiger Nuts. This non-GMO, vegan treat is packed with chewy, nutty goodness." - Kelly Springer MS, RD, CDN.

The Mission:

Our mission is to bring Tiger Nuts to America's pantries starting with snacks in all kinds of flavors: Sea Salt, Smokey BBQ, Spicy Sriracha, and Dark Chocolate-Covered.

We believe tiger nuts are a powerhouse food that belongs in America's diet. They're nutty, sweet, nutritious, sustainable, allergenic-free, and can be made into many different types of foods.

It makes sense why aya was one of the first cultivated crops in human history. Our mission is challenging, but we have the passion, mentality, team, and values to make it happen.

Feel free to try our products and see what we are talking about! You can find us on Amazon, Sprouts nationally, Mother's Market, Clark's Nutrition, Loma Linda Market, Gerrard's, and more to come!

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