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Who We Are

Kelly’s Choice is a nutritional consulting company headed by registered dietitian, Kelly Springer MS, RD, CDN.

Founded in 2012, the company’s mission is to empower individuals to invest in themselves and their overall wellness in pursuit of living their best lives. Kelly’s Choice now functions as a comprehensive nutrition and health company that offers private nutrition counseling, workplace wellness, educational webinars, media appearances, and brand partnerships. The company has grown exponentially since its inception, and is headed in an exciting direction to reach a wider audience and change the conversation surrounding what it truly means to be healthy.

Founder & CEO


Kelly Springer


Kelly is a graduate of West Virginia University
with a BS degree in Nutrition and earned her
Master’s degree in Health Education from
SUNY Cortland. Kelly formerly worked as the
division dietitian at Wegmans Food Markets
and as a clinical dietitian at Auburn Hospital
working in bariatrics, critical care, and
nutrition support.


Go Solo's Interview
with Kelly Springer

Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in health & wellness but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Kelly Springer, Founder & CEO of Kelly's Choice LLC, located in Skaneateles, NY, USA.

Pretty Powerful Podcast  featuring Kelly Springer

If you've ever wondered which fad diet, if any, actually work, and what foods we really should be avoiding or consuming (hint... carbs are NOT all bad for you), then you will love this discussion with Kelly Springer!

Join Kelly as she discusses building a team of women who support each other and believe in a common goal, getting the chance to go on Good Morning America and educate the nation, winning a Telly Award, and celebrating 10 years in business!

Kelly on Health and Disease Prevention

In this interview with LIFE, Kelly emphasizes the role of a balanced diet in maintaining good health and preventing chronic diseases, as well as the impact of lifestyle factors such as exercise, sleep, and stress management. 

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