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– Once and For All

Look great, feel better, get your energy back.


Transformation Program

An evidence based, 12-week program to guide you to successful weight loss and educate you to keep it off for life.


Nutrition Counseling

Our counseling options will give you all of the support you need to succeed to reach your nutrition goals.

Office Group Discussion

Workplace Wellness

Improve employee well-being, productivity, and reduce your healthcare costs.


KC Monthly Subscription

Offers you live cooking classes and recipes as well as resources, tools, and programs to provide nutrition and health education.

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School Programs

Educational, fun school nutrition programs that lead to long-lasting good health and positive nutrition habits.


Diabetes Series

Take control of your diabetes with the tools you need for optimal blood sugar control, exercise, and sustainable long-term habits.

Sports Facility

Sports Nutrition

Proven programs to conquer your exercise goals, improve your stamina and energy, or support athletes or sports teams.

Cooking at Home

Dietitian for the Day

Invest in your employees' health and wellness today by booking a Registered Dietitian for your team!

Patient on Scale

Physicians and Healthcare

We provide services for physicians' offices and healthcare facilities, such as for bariatric surgery and gastroenterology.

What Our Clients Say

Super Health Food

Nicole Young

“She worked tirelessly to drive her peers to our booth, she came to the booth regularly, stayed a while talking with peers and us.  She was both lively and passionate about our brand.”

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