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Hacks for a Healthy Holiday

We are on the brink of the “official” holiday season, which falls between Thanksgiving and New Year’s! How are you doing? Are you worried about indulging? A little indulgence is okay, but here are some tips to help you to not overdo it!

1.) Keep Your Homebase Clean.

Sure, you have a lot of holiday engagements this time of you and you can’t necessarily control the food that is served, but at home, you can! Have a hearty, healthy breakfast to set the stage for your day. I recommend a good protein with some complex carbs, like two eggs with whole grain toast; oatmeal with nuts, flaxseed and a little bit of dried fruit; or plain Greek yogurt with some fruit and granola.

Keep your pantries junk-food free. If you don’t have chips, cookies, crackers (or ice cream in the freezer) on hand, you will be less likely to indulge. If you are a snacker like me, keep nuts, seeds, fruit, and make some air-popped popcorn on hand (that’s right—you can eat popcorn just avoid the butter and be light on the salt—popcorn is filled with fiber and is considered a whole grain)!

2.) Serve Healthy Options at your Holiday Parties.

If you host a holiday party or are asked to bring something to a holiday party, bring the veggie tray with a healthy dip. The easiest way to make a dip healthy is to replace the sour cream with plain Greek yogurt.

3.) Do Your Workouts in the Morning.

For many of my clients, workouts are the first thing to go during the holiday season. Get it done in the morning. There are many workouts you can do at home. Check out YouTube or Pinterest for some great, calorie-burning routines. And if you work out for 30+ minutes in the morning, you’ll boost your metabolism!

4.) Get Your ZZZs.

For a lot of people I know, when life gets busy, sleep is the first thing to go out the window! This is not good for your brain or your weight-loss efforts. Did you know that sleep deprivation causes your body to overproduce the hunger-causing hormones leptin and ghrelin.

5.) Connect with People Who Make You Laugh and Smile.

Some of the people you “have” to hang out with during the holiday season may cause you stress. Balance that out with some space in your calendar for friends and family who uplift you or get your laughing. Laughter can not only improve your mood, but also, it can improve your immune system—important this time of year, right?

I hope hese practical tips can help you make the most of the holiday season. Embrace the festivities, cherish your loved ones, and make choices that align with your well-being. After all, the holidays are about more than just food—they're about creating joyful memories and spreading love and laughter. So go ahead and enjoy this special time of year while staying true to your health and happiness.


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