Empowering individuals to invest in themselves and their overall wellness in pursuit of living their best lives.

Proven nutrition programs for individuals, employers, schools, and sports teams.

12-Week Intensive Program ($599)
Stay on Track Program ($19.95/month)
Nutrition Counseling
*Group or 1-on-1
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The Greatest Weight Loss Plan
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Confused by nutrition? What to eat? What NOT to eat?

You want to lose weight, conquer disease, improve athletic performance, and get healthy. Or you want to help your employees reach these goals.

At Kelly’s Choice, we believe that the way to reach your goals is through scientifically-proven, fun, easy-to-implement nutrition education.

It really is as simple as real food = healthy life.

The path to getting where you want to be is where our team comes alongside you.

We’re a collective of Registered Dieticians, nutritionists and educators – real people – who understand what you’re struggling with and have the expertise to offer practical solutions.

Kelly’s Choice was born in 2012, out of Kelly Springer’s desire to bring her knowledge of health and nutrition to a wider audience.

Our nutrition education promotes an understanding of:

  • How to incorporate better nutrition into one’s lifestyle and make better food choices in the future.
  • How to use nutrition to lose weight, get healthy, conquer diabetes, chronic pain and inflammations, improve athletic performance
  • Recommended diet adjustments that are unique to an individual’s physical condition.
  • Reasonable expectations from a change in diet.
  • Lifestyle changes that can accelerate – or slow – the benefits of a better diet.

We are real people who promote eating real food.

Because of Kelly’s Workplace Weight Loss Program, I was able to lose 8 pounds in three months. She also gave me confidence in what I learned. There is no way to thank her enough for my improved mood, weight, energy, and knowledge base.

Flora Gagliostano, Cayuga County employee