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Influencer Marketing & PR Relations

Kelly Springer RD, MS, CDN is changing the conversation of what it truly means to be healthy. As a registered dietitian and nutrition expert, she represents a variety of health brands and makes regular media appearances.

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Workplace Wellness

Dietitian for the Day

Work with one of our Dietitians to bring nutrition education, wellness, and fun to your workplace with 16 mini 1-on-1 sessions across the 8-hour workday! This program can stand alone or you can add it to your already existing workplace wellness program with us!

Discuss disease management for gut health, hypertension, diabetes, gluten sensitivity or food allergies, vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, sports nutrition, cardiovascular, and weight management.

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NEW NEW NEW: Kelly's Choice Monthly Subscription


Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Our dietitians created this 12-week transformation program for real people. Weekly lessons focus on nutrition, meal planning, exercise, hydration, and sleep. Our science-based approach encourages real food and results that last.

*Also available for workplace wellness.


Client Testimonials

"You are learning about the food and drinks that you consume, what is best and how much, and you can still enjoy most of the food you already eat! You will feel good, have more energy and help family and friends with what you have learned."


Donna Seamans

"After 1 [visit], I repeat, 1 visit, I started to lose weight, learned more in a few visits than I have in my entire life. With Kelly's help and knowledge, I now weigh 184 lbs, my blood sugar went from 8.1 to 6.8, and my blood pressure from 145/82 to 117/76."

Jay Osborne

"Kelly did a wonderful job at the Auburn Chamber Dinner. She was flawless. Love the pillars and now will look into turmeric. Keep inspiring others with your information and motivational words."

Suzanne Klink


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