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School Programs

Are you of unsure of what to teach students about nutrition? Do you wonder what children should eat to be healthy? Nutrition is confusing, but our School Program makes it easy and fun to follow. 

Program Details

School Programs

Proper nutrition is an essential component of a child development. Our School Program will not only educate children on healthy eating, but also provide them will long term skills. For only $600, a professional dietitian will come to your school and lead a fun, interactive presentation that will yield long lasting positive results on youth development. 

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What Our Clients Say


I personally enjoyed the lesson on the breakdown of different fats. Our kiddos really seemed to enjoy the presentations + retained a lot of the information presented.

- Ashley Cobb, Mexico, NY School


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age groups you work with for nutrition education?

We can work with kids from preschool through high school and have has success with all age groups.

Do you involve parents in school-based nutrition education?

We can involve parents if the school or community-based program would like us to. Either way, we make sure the kids have handouts that they can show their parents so that parents are educated on the nutrition topics we teach.

Do the school-based nutrition education programs involve cooking or fitness activities?

Our school-based nutrition education programs are very hands-on so they involve cooking, fun games and activities, as well as exercise basics!

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