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Sports Nutrition

Do you struggle to properly time meals and snacks? Do you need to increase energy, improve strength, or drive endurance? Understanding proper nutrition is confusing, but necessary if you want to achieve peak optimal performance. Our Sports Nutrition Program will drive your skill to the next level. 

Program Details

Sports Nutrition

Nutrition is the foundation that builds a successful athlete. Nutrition is complicated, but we make it easy. If you are looking to propel yourself or your team to the next level, our Sports Nutrition program will do just that. 

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What Our Clients Say


I’ve been an athlete all my life. In recent years, I’ve been looking for a way to get more out of myself. I wanted to take my performance to the next level.

The nutrition advice and guidance I got from Kelly has transformed the way I fuel my body and I’m seeing myself improve in ways I never thought possible. I’m training harder and recovering more quickly.

-Jack Newton, Long Distance Runner


Frequently Asked Questions

I coach soccer to youth ages 5-7? Are you able to give their parents sports nutrition advice?

Yes, we are! We give kid-friendly recommendations on fueling and recovering from sports workouts.

I have just started running and have been told I have natural talent. I eat horribly. Could Kelly’s Choice help me to become an even better runner with dietary recommendations?

Our programs can help you transition your over time and you’ll be amazed at how healthy eating translates into faster running!

I coach girls high-school track and I am concerned about eating disorders. Would Kelly’s Choice be able to educate the girls on the dangers of eating disorders?

We can definitely educate on the dangers of eating disorders and explain how eating disorders can actually hinder performance.

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