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Workplace Wellness

Are you ready to improve employee well-being, increase productivity, and reduce healthcare costs? Our Workplace Wellness Program transforms your business into a healthy, energetic place to be.

Program Details

Dietitian for the Day

Get virtual 1-on-1 sessions with our nationally credentialed Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs). We offer single day services that provide 16 individualized 30-minute sessions to your employees.

This service may be available as a no cost preventive benefit under your health plan. Find out today!

Corporate Wellness Needs Nutrition!

Cindy worked with Kelly’s Choice for over a year while working at Wegmans Food Markets. Hear what she has to say!

Fresh Vegetables

Real Results from Real Clients


I used to work in the food industry, actually [for] the last 37 years. And I can tell you how much the profit is on a product, but I cannot tell you whether or not it's good for you. But now, spending this last year with Kelly and her team, it is just amazing all that I know about nutrition; just how with some simple changes... I have lost weight and I feel better.

- Cindy

Workplace Wellness Industry Statistics

2-3% drop in risk of heart attack for every 1% drop in total cholesterol

2-3% drop in heart disease risk for every 1 point drop in diastolic blood pressure

11% more revenue per employee, boosting productivity, efficiency, & profitability

6:1 ROI on average (for every $1 invested in people, $6 was saved in company healthcare costs)

Check Out the Companies We Work With

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can my employees expect to learn through the Workplace Wellness Program?

Your employees will learn easy, practical steps needed to develop healthy eating habits, implement exercise into their daily life, improve sleep, and help prevent chronic health ailments.

Some of my employees want to know how to eat better and lose weight. What information can I share with them about weight loss through the Workplace Wellness Program?

The weight loss will vary based on your employees’ activity levels, however the eating habits they learn will stick with them. This ensures that they will not only lose weight, but keep the weight off after the 12 weeks, so long as they maintain the healthy habits they learn!

My employees work during three different shifts times, but I want to offer every group access to this program. Is that possible?

We recommend our convenient online platform, Healthie, for employees who work a variety of shifts. It’s available from anywhere, anytime.

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