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Workplace Wellness

Do you need a way to jumpstart employee productivity? Do your employees need transformation? Our Workplace Wellness program is proven to yield positive results that will increase energy and promote productivity. 

Program Details

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Workplace Wellness

Do you want to decrease your organizations healthcare cost? Promote employee productivity? Our Workplace Wellness Program will transform your business into a healthy, energetic place to be.

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What Our Clients Say


Overall, this program was informative. But, I think the most informative was mindful eating. But my biggest success is: My A1C 6 months ago was 10.8 and now it's 7.5. Not perfect, but a heck of a lot better. That's my goal. Losing 5 pounds was a bonus.

- Andrea Simmons


Frequently Asked Questions

What can my employees expect to learn through the Workplace Wellness Program?

Your employees will learn easy, practical steps needed to develop healthy eating habits, implement exercise into their daily life, improve sleep, and help prevent chronic health ailments.

Some of my employees want to know how to eat better and lose weight. What information can I share with them about weight loss through the Workplace Wellness Program?

The weight loss will vary based on your employees’ activity levels, however the eating habits they learn will stick with them. This ensures that they will not only lose weight, but keep the weight off after the 12 weeks, so long as they maintain the healthy habits they learn!

My employees work during three different shifts times, but I want to offer every group access to this program. Is that possible?

We recommend our convenient online platform, Healthie, for employees who work a variety of shifts. It’s available from anywhere, anytime.

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