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Aya Bites: The Perfect Snack for College Students

As a busy college student, I understand the struggle of trying to find healthy snacks to take on the go that actually tastes good. Typically, my go-to option as I’m running out the door has been protein bars, but frequently they contain excessive amounts of sugar and preservatives. This is why Sweet Aya Bites have been my favorite new addition to my college snack staples.

So, what are Sweet Aya Bites anyways? Aya, also known as tiger nuts, are nutty and sweet and offer tons of nutritional benefits. Interestingly, tiger nuts are not actually nuts, but rather they are tubers. They are grown from the Cyperus esculentus plant and are harvested in late fall, but dried tiger nuts are available all year round. But above all, they make a delicious snack!

Sweet Aya Bites come in four different flavors: Sea Salt, Smokey BBQ, Spicy Sriracha, and Dark Chocolate. Because of the diverse variety of flavors, this snack comes in, I never find myself getting tired of eating them. I love having them as my study snack and since they contain up to 50% less calories than tree nuts, I don’t worry about eating too many of them. As someone who follows a vegetarian diet and also has food allergies, I know how hard it can be to eat on campus with dietary restrictions. Sweet Aya Bites are completely vegan and gluten-free, which makes them a great snack for those with dietary restrictions, or anyone who is looking for a nutritious snack.

Not only are they a convenient snack that tastes great, but they also provide so many nutritional benefits. They are an excellent source of fiber, which promotes satiety and helps create a healthy gut microbiome. They are also a good source of vitamin B6, zinc, and manganese. Vitamin B6 and manganese play a crucial role in brain function and mental health, which is why it’s one of my favorite study snacks (Vitamin B6)! Zinc plays an important role in the immune system (Zinc). Speaking from experience, I am constantly getting sick at school and always at the worst times. So, an extra boost of zinc can be extremely beneficial to ward off those irritating college infections!

Next time you’re looking for a new snack, consider trying the tasty and nutrient-packed Sweet Aya Bites!


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