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Eating Right on the Run and on a Budget

Being a college student, I know what it feels like to be constantly on the go and on a budget. Since Penn State is such a large university, some days I do not have time to go home in between my classes. Eating in between classes on campus can be pricey, therefore I would like to share with you ways I have obtained proper nutrition throughout my busy day.

Eating food out can be expensive and most of the time, not the healthiest. For people like me with a variety of food allergies, I prefer to prepare my own meals due to the risk of cross-contamination. The first step to take is to create a plan to help you keep organized and manage your money. By making a grocery list according to your budget ahead of time, it will prevent you from spending an excess amount on unnecessary, highly processed food items. Personally, when I make a grocery list ahead of time, it saves me a lot of time. While you are food shopping, try to purchase fruits and vegetables that are in season because typically they will cost less. Canned, and frozen, fruits and vegetables also last much longer than fresh produce and are a convenient way to add to your meals.

Protein foods such as beans, canned tuna, and eggs are a low-cost options and last longer than other raw protein foods. Another way to lower your protein cost is by purchasing a value size and freezing what you are not going to eat for another time. When purchasing dairy products, choose individual yogurt cups instead of the large packages because they are great for on-the-go! I personally will eat one in between classes and they are a reliable source of Calcium and protein. Another great protein source is nuts. Individual nut packets are also great to have in your bag to snack on and will keep you full for longer periods of time.

Limiting your soda and sweetened beverage intake will not only save you money but also improve your health. Water is very cost-effective and will keep you hydrated throughout the day. Having a reusable water bottle is very efficient while on the go because there are many water stations nowadays. These simple yet effective ways will help you save money and make you healthier overall.

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