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New Favorite Way to Get My Protein!

It is not easy to get into my daily sources of proteins all the time. It is recommended by dieticians that the average person should have about 20 grams of protein in a meal. As a busy college student and part-time worker I am constantly on the run and moving. I don’t always have the time to make great full meals, even though I love to cook, so will often snack. Another problem is a lot of the proteins that I would typically eat at home, beef, or fish can be expensive. As someone who has never enjoyed the taste of protein shakes it can sometimes be difficult to find good supplements to be able to make up for the occasional void created by lack of time to cook foods, and lack of capital to buy them in the first place.

While searching around recently online I stumbled across a drink EO3. What first got me to try the drink is like I mentioned previously, I never buy fish while I am at school because it is just too expensive. EO3 has the omega 3s that I needed and would typically get from fish but just wasn’t. It also had the proteins that I typically would get from any of the proteins I would typically eat more but just don’t always have the time to make anymore. EO3 has become a great supplement or substitute for me because it fits all the puzzle pieces for me. EO3 allows me in my short breaks of free time to feel full, have a healthy snack, and get the protein I need. It gives me the omega 3s that are important for all people to get. The best part to me though is that EO3 doesn’t taste like other typical protein drinks. It truly just tastes like a delicious smoothie. I would recommend this drink to everyone and am super happy I found it!


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