Improve employee well-being and productivity, and reduce your healthcare costs.

Physician Approved

Physician approved

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Online nutrition education

  • Do you need a way to jumpstart employee productivity?
  • Are you looking for a wellness program that offers actionable nutrition advice?
  • Is finding a nutritional plan that’s easy to follow harder than locating a needle in a haystack?
  • Do your employees need transformation?
  • Would you invest in a program that gets PROVEN results?
  • Are you tired of paying high healthcare costs?

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Great 12 week program. I have learned many useful items to use in my everyday life. I am more aware of labels and less ingredients the better. Going out to eat more aware of the menu and making better choices everyday. I feel better and seem to be sleeping better too! It was very helpful through the holidays! I would make sure my plate was made veggies and greens! If you buy anything look at the label!

Teresa Baumes


employees or customers transformed

healthcare dollars saved

average increase in employee productivity


Drive employee productivity

Increase employee quality of life

Save your organization money

Attract the right people to your organization

Overall, this program was informative. But I think the most informative was mindful eating. I need to enjoy eating again. My biggest success is: my A1C a year ago was 10.8, now it is down to 7.5 – not perfect but a heck of a lot better. That’s my goal. Losing 5 pounds was also a bonus.

Andrea Simmons, Workplace Wellness Program Participant

As a self-insured, government entity, our Health Insurance decided five years ago that it was time to start funding and offering wellness activities for employees. This was an effort not only to help address our increasing health care expenses, but also to improve the health and well-being of our employees. The Cayuga County Employee Wellness Committee has been working with Kelly for almost four years.

As a health educator and Chair of the Employee Wellness Committee, I can tell you that having Kelly provide educational workshops and the weight loss program on-site has been extremely successful. Too often I would be telling people to eat healthier and then they would ask a question about their diabetes or ask how much sodium they should have for the entire day, and I would have to say I don’t know. Not being a Registered Dietician put me at a disadvantage when it came to presenting nutrition information to employees.

It is really important that employees are not only learning about nutrition, but that they understand how important nutrition is to their health and steps they can take to improve their health. Kelly does that for our employees!

Our employees have expressed that they feel they are getting a one-on-one consultation with Kelly in a group setting because she takes the time to answer their questions before, during and after the presentations. They also have said that they like that Kelly says it is OK to eat certain foods, or drink wine.

They feel that Kelly’s philosophy of real people eating real food resonates with them because this is not about a diet or losing weight temporarily. This is about having the knowledge to change their lives, by teaching them how to make better choices.

Deanna Hoey, M.S., Public Health Educator
Cayuga County Health Department


What can my employees expect to learn through the workplace wellness program?

Your employees will learn easy, practical steps needed to develop healthy eating habits, implement exercise into their daily life, improve sleep, and help prevent chronic health ailments.

How much weight can my employees expect to lose through workplace weight-loss?

The weight loss will vary based on your employees’ activity levels, but the eating habits they learn will stick with them. This ensures that they will not only lose weight, but also will keep the weight off after the 12 weeks—so long as they maintain the healthy habits they learn.

I have several employees who have anxiety, depression, or other mental health complications. Would Kelly’s Choice be able to do a seminar related to nutrition for mental health?

While we recommend employees with mental health conditions to seek counsel from their medical doctor, we have found that seminars covering topics that help reduce stress, improve mood, and ease anxiety are effective, including: Food is Medicine, Diet for Brain Health, and Nutrition & Stress.

My employees work during three different shifts. I want to offer every group the Workplace Wellness program. Is that possible?

We recommend our online platform, Healthie, for employees who work a variety of shifts. It’s available from anywhere, anytime.