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Benefits of Iodine

We all know that it’s important to eat foods filled with nutrients, but do you know much about what those nutrients do for you? Most of us know about the importance of carbohydrates for energy and protein for muscle, but I bet you couldn’t name all of the essential vitamins and minerals recommended for us to have. Today we are going to dive into one mineral that we do not hear much about... iodine!

What is Iodine?

Iodine is an essential mineral needed in your body. Its primary role is to regulate your thyroid hormones. These are responsible for regulating different reactions such as protein synthesis (making protein in your body) and your metabolism. Your thyroid hormones also play a big role in bone and brain development in fetuses and infants.

How Much Iodine Do I Need?

A big reason why iodine may not be as well known is that the recommended amount is not as high as some other minerals. The daily recommended dose depends on various factors, but typically adults need around 150 mcg, while pregnant and breastfeeding women need close to 220 mcg and 290 mcg.

How Can I Incorporate Iodine Into My Diet?

Iodine deficiencies are uncommon in the United States because the mineral can naturally be found in foods such as fish, seaweed, dairy, eggs, and iodized salt. You can also find all of your daily nutrient needs in just one Drink EO3! This multi-nutritional smoothie is an antioxidant superfood that will never have you guessing if you’ve hit your daily dose of nutrients.

It’s important to ensure you are getting all of the nutrients you need, even the ones less talked about. Iodine is essential for infants to ensure healthy development and will keep your thyroid hormones regulated allowing you to feel your best.


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