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The New Take on a School Lunch Classic with EO3

Going to school in the morning will always be one of the toughest things to overcome. I remember waking up to my alarm, angrily forcing myself out of bed, having an abbreviated breakfast, and getting into the car all within 15 minutes. Before I knew it, I was sitting in my first-period class, looking at the clock to see if time would go any faster. However, when lunch came around, the script was flipped. Heated sports arguments and dumb jokes highlighted this period, but nothing beat the days when my dad would pack me a Danimals yogurt drink. The richness of the yogurt and the unique flavors were unmatched. Now imagine all of that, with nutritious benefits to boot. That’s what you’re getting with E03.

E03 is the world’s first multi-nutritional Omega-3 fruit smoothie, packing 1600mg of Omega-3 to be exact. Among other things, E03 is known for reducing inflammation and lowering the chance of complications with cardiovascular health. It also contains complex carbohydrates and antioxidants such as vitamins D and E, mainly thanks to the pear, apples, and black current juices contained within the smoothie. And of course, we have the 20g of whey protein which, along with the collagen in the smoothie, helps build and repair your muscles and bones. It also plays a big part in the production of hormones and enzymes.

Being in a nutrition class this semester has also taught me the importance of iodine, a mineral that’s largely found in fortified salt and that is overlooked by most people in the US because of how infrequently we hear about it. Goiter is a condition that leads to the irregular growth of the thyroid gland, which can in turn lead to weight loss, tremors, irritability, and muscle fatigue. This occurs with a lack of iodine in the body, and luckily E03 has the iodine you need to avoid this issue. Not only that, but “potential benefits of higher amounts include enhancement of immune function and reducing the incidence of breast cancer” (Miller 106).

While I can’t go back in time to the days of packed lunches and my beloved Danimals, I can now get the same enjoyment while also knowing I’m providing my body with essential nutrients that will help me get through each of my days. Considering how often I don’t think about getting all of my nutrients for the day in my actual meals, it makes me feel a lot better when I have my E03 to make sure I’m staying on track. If you ever feel the same way, I highly recommend making E03 an everyday snack and using it to stay at the top of your game!


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