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Can You Have Too Much Protein?

In today’s world where there is such a large gym culture that has formed and many of the people who belong to this culture want to be their healthiest selves. Some people want to be their strongest selves and often strength and body lifting are associated with protein. This isn’t for no reason as protein is essential for growth, development, and tissue repair which lends to building muscle mass. According to Harvard Health Publishing, the recommended amount of protein per day for a man is 56 grams, and for a woman 46 on average. These numbers can vary based on weight and other factors yet this is a good base idea of the numbers one may expect. It is also important to know that is good to space out the times that you are getting all that protein throughout the day for the best digestion and effects.

The problem with some protein drinks that many gym-goers use is that their protein counts can be too high. Many of these drinks have 30 grams of protein which can be too much for a diet as people will normally get lots of protein throughout their day anyways. The best thing that I have found and like to drink for my extra protein boost now is EO3. EO3 is a drink that has 20 grams of protein which for me feels like the perfect amount since I know I am getting the rest from other sources throughout the day and additionally do not feel like I am overdoing it. On top of this, it also gives me antioxidants and omega 3s which I sometimes lack in getting enough of. Each person has different things that they need and has different goals for their own health. For me, EO3 has become something that is able to make me feel healthier and just generally better since I have started drinking it. In the end, it is possible to have too much protein but also people should do and drink whatever makes them feel like they are doing what is best for them.


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